Do you love your hair and want to keep it healthy and beautiful? Then this blog is for you. We all wish to have thick, healthy, shiny hair, and in this pursuit, we do many things like using certain products, eating healthy foods, etc. In the olden times, hair care was done with simple ingredients found at home like shikakai, amla, etc. Times changed, and today, hair care is anything but simple. There are so many shampoos, creams, gels in the market promising thick, shiny, long hair. Haircare has become complicated, and, in this complication, it is easy to overlook certain aspects. So, in this blog, I will be sharing with you 10 mistakes to avoid in hair care. Let’s get started.

  1. Usage of haircare products with harmful chemicals: Majority of the haircare products such as oils, shampoos, conditioners are loaded with toxic chemicals like SLS, SLES, parabens, etc. Temporarily, they may add shine and softness, but eventually, their usage leads to hair loss and dull hair. Say no to these products. Don’t fall for the commercials. Always read the ingredients of the product before buying it. It is safe to use organic products for hair care. Doing this will prevent hair damage.
  2. Blow drying and applying heat: We all love hairstyling, but regular usage of blow-drying and applying heat on hair can damage hair. It can lead to hair thinning. So, go for hair styling only occasionally.
  3. Hair coloring: It looks like fun to experiment with hair colors, but hair colors contain many toxic chemicals and are damaging to hair. They can cause premature greying of the hair. Avoid hair coloring and enjoy the natural color of your hair.
  4. Not taking enough care: Some of us take our hair for granted and don’t take enough care. But with all the pollution around and stress levels of modern times, it is imperative to have a proper hair care routine in place. Below are some tips for hair care.
    1. Regularly massage your hair with cold-pressed coconut oil. This not only promotes hair growth but also destresses you.
    2. Apply homemade hair masks. You can make wonderful masks with shikakai, amla powder, reetha.
    3. Don’t wash your hair every day. Too much hair wash can lead to dry and dull hair. Wash it on alternate days.
    4. Take multivitamins on a regular basis.
    5. Eat highly nutritious food. Nutrition is the fuel for your hair growth and health.
  5. Not maintaining proper hygiene: Proper hygiene plays an important role in keeping hair clean and healthy. Using the combs and towels of others, not cleaning combs regularly, etc., can lead to dandruff and hair loss. So, maintain proper hygiene.
  6. Meddling with hair: Constantly meddling with hair like excessive combing and brushing can be damaging to hair. Keep it as simple as possible when it comes to hair.
  7. Ignoring vitamin deficiencies: When it comes to hair care, many of us focus only on external products like oils, shampoos, etc., and miss out on nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in healthy hair. Vitamin deficiencies can cause excessive hair loss and premature greying of hair. Take care of your vitamins by eating a healthy and balanced diet. Regularly, get your vitamin levels tested and in case of any deficiencies, take vitamin supplements. Don’t ignore vitamin deficiencies. If you experience sudden hair loss, along with vitamin levels, get your thyroid levels tested. Thyroid imbalances can also cause hair thinning and hair loss.
  8. Taking too much stress: Excessive stress can cause hair loss and premature hair greying. So, too much stress is bad for hair. In current times, stress has become common and inevitable. However, you can manage stress by doing meditation or yoga. Effective stress management reduces the impact of stress on the body.
  9. Not sleeping enough: Good quality sleep is very important for the release of enzymes and growth hormones that are necessary for hair health. When we don’t sleep for a sufficient amount of time or sleep quality is poor, it leads to hair issues. So, sleep well. Ensure that you get a good quality sleep of 8 hours. Having a proper sleep routine in place will prevent many health issues and hair loss as well. As much as possible, follow the circadian rhythm and sleep by 10 PM.
  10. Going on crash diets: Some people go on crash diets for quick weight loss, but crash diets are harmful to the overall health of the body, and they also damage hair. They cause severe hair loss. So, avoid crash diets. Focus on eating healthy foods and the nutritional value of the food. Have a holistic plan in place for weight loss. Also, avoid processed, junk, deep-fried foods.

These are the 10 mistakes to avoid in hair care.

Healthy hair brings beauty and joy. In modern times, it’s easy to damage hair due to the chemicals present around us and the modern lifestyle. Once the damage is done to the hair, it takes a long time and a lot of effort to reverse the damage. In many cases, it may not be possible to reverse the damage done to the hair. So, take proper care of your hair. Give it due priority and importance. Choose organic hair care products, follow proper hygiene, eat nutritious food, take care of your vitamins, sleep well. All these factors promote hair health and keep your hair healthy and strong.

Wish you good health!

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