Immunity is the need of the hour due to coronavirus pandemic. Strong immunity protects us from various diseases and flus. It’s a must if we want a happy and healthy life. How to build immunity? It cannot be done overnight. It is a long term process and needs lifestyle changes. To know more about the lifestyle changes that are needed to build strong immunity, check out the below video.

Video Transcript:

We are not just physical bodies. We have emotions and thoughts. Our thoughts and emotions are also very important to maintain a healthy body. First, let’s discuss on the physical level. What are the lifestyle changes we can do? Now, we cannot even give the excuse of no time. We have all the time in the world.

First, let’s completely avoid junk food. Sugar, Chocolates with preservatives weaken our immune system.

Let’s eat fresh vegetables, fruits, homemade meals. Don’t eat restaurant food. This is not the time. Let’s eat balanced meals with carbs, proteins, fats well balanced.

Drink a lot of water. Hydrate yourself throughout the day, especially hot water. My mother used to always tell us to drink hot water when we were about to catch a cold. But I never listened to her. But when I read Om Swami’s book, he mentioned beautifully about hot water. He said that when we drink hot water, our body’s immunity is boosted, and any respiratory problems are cleared up. He mentioned that hot water really makes our body strong. After listening to this, I remembered how my mother suggested to us the same thing many years back.

Exercise – It can be anything like running, gymming. Now, we cannot go to the gym. So, work out at home. If you have any free weights, work out using them. And yoga – it’s beautiful. Do yoga outside in a balcony.

If you have a garden at your home, it’s excellent. Go out and get Sunlight. Sunlight is so amazing. It can disintegrate and destroy any germs and viruses.

Sleep well. We need at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep. So much of rejuvenation happens in sleep. Sometimes, during the day, we get tired. Nothing wrong. During the afternoon, there is nothing wrong with taking a nap of 25 minutes. Please rest whenever you are tired.

Sauna is excellent. Due to the heat of Sauna, any kind of inflammation, viruses, bacteria will not survive. Sitting 20 to 25 minutes in Sauna is really, really good for your immunity.

Steam – Add little turmeric or eucalyptus oil to hot water and just inhale. Whenever we are going out or feel a little stuffy nose, to build our immunity, we can just put a little bit of aroma oils like eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint. We can even rub them on our hands and smell. They are very effective.

Jal Neti – I do it every day. There will be a pot with hot water. This will clear up all your sinuses. Take some salt and hot water and gargle this every day. It will remove any itchiness in the throat and it is also a good preventive measure.

Oil pulling – It pulls any kind of bacteria, not only from the mouth, but from the entire body. Use coconut oil. If you can do it 15 to 20 minutes, nothing like it. If you don’t have time, you can do it even for 5 minutes.

Vitamins – Ensure that you take all your vitamins – your multivitamins, calcium, vitamin D. If you go out and get Vitamin D, it’s great. But since we are spending most of the time indoors, please make sure that you are taking your vitamin D.

No smoking, no alcohol. Neve consume these. These are really, really destructive. Please stay away from them.

These are the tips that help us to increase our immunity at the physical level. If you know any tips other than these, please share it in the comments below.

See you. Namaste


  1. Avoid junk food
  2. Be hydrated
  3. Exercise
  4. Sleep well
  5. Sauna
  6. Steam
  7. Jal Neti
  8. Oil Pulling
  9. Take your vitamins
  10. Do not smoke/booze

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