I have been meditating for 20 years and invested more than 10,000 hours in meditation. Today, I am what I am because of my practice, and I cannot imagine my life without meditation. Meditation has helped me connect to my true self and figure out what exactly I want in life. It has shown my purpose in life, and it brought a great transformation in the way I lead my life. For me, meditation is a way of life.

There are various kinds of meditation, and they all take us into a meditative state. For me, a meditative state is a state where I do something or be in the moment with 100% involvement and awareness. There is no wavering of thoughts and emotions. There is just oneness with the task or the moment during this state. This is our natural state, and I want to attain this state 24 X 7. For me, meditation is a tool which takes me into this state.

Today, in this blog, I am going to share with you two practices which immensely helped me in my meditation journey.

Prayer – For many years, I meditated and prayed separately at different times. I segregated meditations and prayers. As I progressed, I realized that adding prayers to meditation enhances the quality of meditation. I pray before starting meditation, do my meditation, and end my meditation with a thanksgiving prayer. This is a small change, but it is something that brought me great benefits. Below are the benefits I noticed with this approach.

  1. This addition made my meditation so much more powerful.
  2. I easily got connected to myself and divinity. It was easy for me to go into a meditative state.
  3. I noticed that I could stay in a positive state of mind for a longer duration. Earlier, when I meditated without prayers, I felt good during meditation, but after meditation, I went into the reactive mode. After I started adding prayers to meditation, I noticed that meditation effects stayed with me not only during meditation, but it also spilled into my daily activities.
  4. I could experience a kind of oneness with the divine.

I realized no meditation could give complete experience without prayers. And I believe, without divine grace and strong connection to God, we cannot really progress much in meditation or in anything else in life.So, it is important to add prayers to our meditation practice.

Sending love – This is a practice where we send lots of love to our family members, friends, and the entire world. This simple practice offers us several benefits. It can be done stand-alone, or you can practice it after your meditation. Below are some benefits due to this practice.

  1. It kindles positive emotions like love, compassion, kindness in us. These qualities are the qualities of divinity.
  2. When we practice blessing meditation and send lots of love to others, higher qualities like love, peace, kindness get established in us. And a certain kind of joy and happiness springs up in our hearts.
  3. Our well being increases.
  4. We become a better person.
  5. It gives us inner strength.
  6. It helps in handling the feelings of depression and anxiety.
  7. Our relationships improve.
  8. It helps us to come out of negative states of mind quickly.
  9. We experience more love and joy in life.

For many years, I bothered only about my path and my progress. But I realized we are all connected, and we are one. So, blessing others is a kind of blessing our own self because nature’s law is – what we give to others, it comes back to us multiplied many, many times.

When I send lots of love to others, it energizes me greatly and brings me a deeper experience of meditation. Blessing meditation looks simple, but it is a very powerful meditation, and its effects are phenomenal. When each of us practice blessing meditation and bless the Earth with positivity and lots of love, it has the potential to bring transformation on Earth and positively impact the collective consciousness of this planet.

Prayers and Blessing others are the two practices you can add to your meditation routine. These two steps can themselves become meditation, or they can be practiced along with other meditations. When I do my other meditations like Kundalini meditation or mindfulness meditation, I start with prayers, meditate, bless others and end with prayers. Doing meditation in this way has enriched my practice.

Over the years, I have realized that growth is limited and cannot be immense when we travel solo on the path of meditation. So, it’s important to bless others. I have experienced exponential growth in my life and spirituality when I have added prayers and blessings to my meditation practice. In this journey, I have become more of a giving person and understood that it is not my path alone that matters to me, but your path is also important. Because of this realization, contribution has become a major part of my life.

I strongly encourage you to add these two steps of prayer and blessings to your daily routine or to any meditation routine you practice. Whenever you find yourself going through negative thoughts and emotions, instead of being sucked into them, pray and bless the world. When you are worried about your family, pray and bless your family members. You can do this for any amount of time. This simple practice can help you quickly come out of your negativity and bounce back with positivity. Not only that, but it also empowers your family members.

In these tough times of pandemic, let us pray and bless the entire world, our families, friends, and strangers. Let us spread love and kindness around us through our thoughts and actions.

Wish you and your family love and peace!

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