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3 secrets to a good night’s sleep

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Are you going through disturbed sleep at night? Instead of feeling fresh, do you feel tired after waking up? Then it is essential to work on your sleep because a good quality sleep is necessary for good health. Without a good quality sleep, the body cannot recharge itself, and toxins from the body are not released. This leads to low vitality during daytime, irritation, loss of appetite, digestion problems, low immunity etc. So, how to improve the quality of sleep?  In this blog, I will share with you 3 secrets to a good night’s sleep. When you practice these 3 tips, you will wake up fresh in the morning and will sleep like a baby during the night. So, what are these 3 tips?

Tip 1 – Have an early dinner.

Our digestion system slows down after Sunset. So, when we have dinner at 8 PM or later, the digestive system needs to work very hard to digest the food. Because of this, the body cannot relax, and this disturbs the sleep quality. So, try to close your dinner early. Sunset time is the best time. But if you cannot make it during Sunset, at least close the dinner by 7 PM. This not only improves your sleep quality but also helps in weight loss and promotes good health.

Tip 2 – Shut down gadgets 1 hour before sleep time.

We are living in the age of electronics, and we are all bombarded with gadgets all around us.Many of us check WhatsApp messages or watch YouTube videos or work on our systems during the night-time. When we continue doing these activities till our bedtime, our mind becomes active and excited. And this makes it difficult for the body to fall asleep because body and mind are closely related. Also, gadgets are addictive and can easily rob our sleep time. We all know how we start with 1 video and end up binge-watching.

So, shut down all your gadgets at least 1 hour before your sleep time. This lets your mind relax, and you can sleep better. Many people go through sleep issues because of using gadgets till bedtime. So, if you want to change your sleep quality, then make this change.

Tip 3 – Have a power-down hour.

How you spend your last 1 hour before you sleep plays an important role in determining your sleep quality. This last one hour is called the power-down hour. A well-planned power-down hour prepares your body and mind for better sleep. When this last hour is properly planned and executed, you experience deep sleep and feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. So, how to plan your power down hour?

When you are planning your power-down hour, try to follow the below guidelines.

  1. Include daily practices which relax your body and mind.
  2. End your day with a positive state of mind.
  3. Be light on your body and mind.
  4. Plan some daily practices to de-stress.

My power-down hour

My power-down hour consists of the below practices.

  1. Planning my next day – I plan my next day’s meetings, clothes, important files, etc., so that I don’t start my day in anxiety and rush. This helps me start my next day with a relaxed state of mind. This also gives me a feeling that things are sorted, and I don’t need to worry about anything.
  2. Light stretches – These relax the body and are wonderful in releasing any stress from the body. I enjoy these stretches.
  3. Deep breathing – Our breath and emotions are closely related. When we take deep breaths, we relax and can easily let go of the stress caused during the daytime.
  4. Prayers – Prayer is a great way to connect with the divine. It cleanses our thoughts, emotions, and the mind. It also takes us into a deep state of relaxation and trust.
  5. Gratitude journaling – Writing down your blessings in a journal before you sleep fills your mind with positivity and joy. We all have many blessings in life like our family, career, good health etc. So, take some time to feel the gratitude for these blessings before you sleep.

So, this is how I end my day. If you want to further work on your sleep, below are some more ideas.

Some more ideas

  1. Watch Sunset – This slows down your system and relaxes your body and mind. It helps you live in tune with the circadian rhythm. I never miss watching a Sunset, no matter how busy my day is or where I am. I love and enjoy watching Sunset. Watching Sunset fills me with gratitude for the entire day and makes me feel joyful.
  2. Use incense and essential oils: Smells have a great impact on the mind. A soothing smell can instantly calm down and relax the mind. So, in my home, during dusk, incense is burnt, and essential oils are diffused to fill the home with a beautiful and relaxing fragrance. These fragrances relax the body and mind and also makes the home a joyful place.
  3. De-stress: Stress prevents us from having a good sleep, and in modern times, stress has become inevitable. So, it is important to de-stress every day. There are various methods to relieve the stress. Sauna is one such method. I spend my time in the sauna and warm bath. These relax me completely and help me de-stress.

So, if you really want to improve your sleep quality, then have your dinner early, shut down all the gadgets at least 1 hour before your sleep time and have a power-down hour. These practices will make a great difference in the way you sleep and in the way you feel after waking up. Quality of sleep and the state of health go hand in hand. So, if you want to be healthy, beautiful, and young, take care of your sleep. Your sleep time is precious. Make the most out of it by following the practices I shared in this blog.

Happy sleeping!

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