Do you want to exercise everyday but unable to stick to it for more than a month? Don’t feel bad. You are not alone. As per statistics, 90% of the people quit gym after 3 months of enrolling. Many of us cannot stick to exercise for years and make it a part of life. We start exercise, do it for some months and then give up. We start again and the cycle goes on. How to break this cycle and stick to exercise? In this article, I am going to share with you 3 simple, but powerful tips. When you practice these tips, you become regular with exercise and very soon, you will reap the many benefits of regular exercise.

My motivation to exercise:

I am quite regular with exercising for years now. Whether it is a sunny day or a rainy day, I exercise. Exercise keeps me fit, healthy and strong. It makes me feel good. A day without exercise feels incomplete. This is my major motivation to exercise regularly. Science research says that when we exercise, our body releases feel-good hormones and I can vouch for this. Every time I exercise, I feel vibrant and joyful.

3 tips to be regular with exercise:

We all know that regular exercise brings various benefits like strong muscles, strong bones, increased immunity, healthy weight, clear skin. But in spite of knowing these benefits, many of us cannot stick to exercise because of various reasons. Our laziness comes in. We feel demotivated and lack interest. So, how to rise above these tendencies? Here are 3 tips that help you stay committed to exercise.

Tip 1: Workout in nature

I am a nature person and spend some time every day in nature walking, jogging, but I work out and do weight lifting indoors in a gym. I am blessed with a lot of nature in my home, and my heart gently urges me to workout in nature. But I used to think ‘I will do tomorrow,’ or some other time, and it never happened. The main reason for this is that I am used to the comfort and convenience of the gym. So, I did not attempt to work out in nature. Time went by.

Due to the lockdown in 2020, the gym was closed. I spent some time without working out. But I started missing my workout sessions. So, I resumed my workout sessions, and the only place where I could workout is in nature. I did my entire workout in nature. It was a fantastic experience.

I saw the orange flowers, green trees while exercising, and I lost track of time. Workout did not feel strenuous like earlier. It felt effortless, and I enjoyed it greatly. It rejuvenated me and made me feel joyful. This experience taught me how powerful and joyful it is to work out in nature.  

Sometimes, when we are working out, it becomes challenging to motivate ourselves and be regular. One way to stay motivated about exercise is to work out in nature and outdoors. When you work out in nature, you breathe fresh air and it rejuvenates you. The Sunlight, trees, fresh air magnify the benefits of exercise. And most importantly, the beauty of nature, the vibrant colours, the chirping of the birds and various elements of nature bring you joy and make your workout an enjoyable process.

So, workout in nature. You can walk, jog, swim or do strength training in a park or an open space near you. Include nature in your exercise routine and you look forward to your exercise time just to be in the presence of nature.

Tip 2: Make your workout a fun process

No matter what our age is, we love to have fun in life. And when something is fun, we are motivated to practice it regularly. So, make your workout time a fun time where you truly enjoy it. Below are some pointers that help in making your workout time a happy time.

  1. Start slow and gradually build the intensity. Don’t exercise too intensely on day 1. This will make it tough for you and you get demotivated. Start with small steps and gradually raise the bar.
  2. Have a variety of workouts. Plan your workout time to have variety of workouts like cardio, strength training, yoga, zumba, aerobics. Our mind craves variety.
  3. Break the monotony. When a task becomes monotonous, we get bored and discontinue it. So, keep breaking the monotony by adding new elements and freshness into your exercise routine.
  4. Choose workouts that you like and enjoy. There are many ways of working out. Spend at least 50% of your workout time on that form of exercise which makes you happy.
  5. Wear comfortable dress and shoes. It is very important to have right shoes and dress for workout. Otherwise, you may get injured in your feet and feel uncomfortable.
  6. Listen to your favourite music while working out. It boosts your mood and makes your workout time an enjoyable time.
  7. Play an outdoor sport. Outdoor games like tennis, football etc are great forms of exercise and they are fun.

Tip 3: Reward yourself

Rewards motivate us to walk the extra mile. So, set a reward for yourself. For example, keep a reward like – if I exercise for 30 days without a break, I will buy a dress. When you have a reward, you are inspired to be regular. When you feel lazy or demotivated, your reward will motivate you. So, set a reward that truly motivates you and brings you joy.

These are the 3 tips that help you stay regular with exercise. To briefly summarize – work out in nature, make your workout fun and enjoyable and set a reward. When you go forward with these tips, there are greater chances of sticking to exercise. Once you stick to exercise for 6 months, it becomes your habit and you cannot imagine your life without exercise. So, build this habit and reap benefits like good health, youthful looks. Interested to read more about fitness? Check out this book ‘The Fitness Mindset’ by Brian Keane here.

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