We are all going through quarantine time due to coronavirus pandemic and this is a novel situation in the world. We are restricted to our home and working from home. No theatres, no restaurants, no vacations outdoors. So, how can we make the most out of this time? To know the list of things you can do in your quarantine time, check out the below video.

Video Transcript

Now, we are all working from home. Time is so precious. Let’s not waste it. Let’s see how to effectively use the time available at home. In such times, there are chances of slightly feeling lonely and depressed because we are so busy with our lives working and that mad rush. Suddenly, we have all the time in the world.

Tip 1: Bond with your family

So, this is a great time to bond with the family. There are so many things you can do together. Cook together, dance, watch some comedy movies, so many things. It’s a perfect time to bond with your family.


  1. Improves your relationship with your family members
  2. Brings you joy

Tip 2: Declutter your home

This is a good time to declutter. When we are in a hurry, we stuff our cupboards and keep things on the surface. There is something called physical clutter. There is a huge connection between our physical clutter and emotional clutter. When we clean the physical clutter and unwanted stuff, automatically it becomes a life-transforming experience.


  1. Removes the negative energies of your home
  2. Makes your home a peaceful place
  3. Brings you clarity of thought

Tip 3: Plan how to spend your morning time

This is a great time to plan a morning ritual. Once I wake up in the morning, I am going to do my walk, I am going to do my yoga, whatever it is. Choose exercises that are comfortable for you. It can be anything. Your healthy habits. This is the time for you to plan that.


  1. Your mornings become productive
  2. You get time to do things that matter to you
  3. Better time management

Tip 4: Try a new hobby

This is a good time for you to pursue your hobbies – photography, painting, anything. That will give you so much of creative bliss. Do it something different. Sometimes, we should push ourselves beyond our comfort level. It will be mentally challenging when we learn something new. But don’t give up. Pursue something new and whenever we do something new, its growth. Its change. That creativity will really keep you happy. Excellent time for you to start some new hobby.


  1. Keeps you young
  2. Brings you joy

Tip 5: Set your goals

With the amount of time in hand, we can have a life vision. We can very nicely plan our life and goals. Write down all your goals. What do I want for my work? How should my body be like? How should my relationships be? If we can use this time for planning, we can see great results. I am telling you – this is a time for us to reflect inwards. Let’s just plan the goals.


  1. Helps you understand what you want in life.
  2. Gives a direction to your life.

Tip 6: Read inspiring books

We can read good inspiring books. There are motivation and inspiring programs online. Let’s use this time to create healthy habits.


  1. Gives you new ideas
  2. Inspires you to work on your goals

And if you have any more tips on how to spend our time at home, in a healthy way, without wasting time, can you please share them with me? And then together, we will have fun, be creative and productive.


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