Mental health is extremely important for us to be happy and successful in life. Mental health needs care and attention just like physical health. So, how to take care of our mental health? Watch the below video to know 6 tips to improve your mental health.

Video Transcript:

Today, let’s discuss how we can improve our immunity at a mental and emotional level.

Fear is a very natural phenomenon, but panic and intense negative feelings are not. When we have many negative thoughts and feelings, our body falls sick. So, we can replace these negative thoughts with positive, empowering thoughts like ‘my body is healthy, strong and happy’. In this way, we can use the exact opposite positive thoughts and replace negative thoughts. This was taught by Sage Patanjali long back.

There is a connection between our breath and thoughts. Have you noticed how our breathing becomes very fast when we are angry? During that time, if we can do slow breathing, just being aware of breath, automatically our anger comes down and our thoughts also become peaceful.

There is a huge connection with the breath and our thoughts and emotions. Whenever you have any negative thoughts, practice deep breathing. When the word deep breathing is used, many of us do not know the exact technique. When you breathe in i.e. inhale, our tummy should come out. You can even keep your hand on the stomach. Take in the breath and our tummy should come out like a balloon. And when you exhale, the tummy goes in.

When you keep your hand on the stomach, you can feel your stomach going out and in while doing deep breathing. So, when you inhale, your stomach should come out like a balloon and when you exhale, it should go in.

Breathe at your comfortable pace. Sometimes, we feel uncomfortable, if we try to go deeper than our comfort level. Do deep breathing as per your comfort. This can really relax you. Just try this when you get any kind of negative thoughts or anxiety during panic time.

When you get fearful emotions, be aware of the sensations in your body. Positive emotions like kindness, love, compassion, gratitude, and joy beautifully transform our body, mind, and spirit.

Next is forgiveness.

We may have unforgiveness in us because of various incidents. That can really cause a lot of negativity and that will really affect our immunity. If we can forgive others and ourselves, this becomes an important factor for immunity. Please forgive others and yourself. Work on it. It’s worth it.

Always, keep smiling. Even artificial smile is also fine. But just smile.

In the next video, let’s discuss the spiritual level.

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