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7 amazing benefits of Coconut Oil

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Are you feeling stressed out? Then, it’s time to bring the magic of coconut oil into your life. Do you remember the head massage you got from your mother? The sweet and soothing smell of coconut oil took away all your stress and tiredness. There was some magic in the head massage, isn’t it? Elders at home emphasized on regular head massage for healthy hair.Not only that,coconut oil is also an important part of our tradition. During festivals and occasions, it is used for head massage, body massage and in some parts of our country, it is used in cooking as well. And today, coconut oil is a super food across the globe. So, why did coconut oil occupy such an important place in our tradition and gain the status of super-food in recent times? Today, in this blog, I am going to share with you the many benefits of this wonder oil and ideas on how to incorporate it in daily life.

My journey with coconut oil:

In my home, we use a lot of it. In the past, we used it only for body and head massage and never used it for cooking. I remember hearing about the usage of coconut oil in cooking by Keralites. I wondered how it could be used in cooking as it carries a certain smell. So, I never gave much thought to cooking with coconut oil until recent times.

When I studied more about oils, I realized the many health benefits of coconut oil. I learnt that it has got a very high heating point and this property makes it healthy for stir-fries. After learning this, I started using coconut oil in cooking.

Another place where I use coconut oil in my daily life is oil pulling. I take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a drop of peppermint essential oil and swish this around my mouth for oil pulling. Oil pulling is a part of my morning routine and has several health benefits. Coconut oil is an ideal choice for this process because it is anti-bacterial and has healing properties.

I regularly give myself a body massage and head massage with coconut oil. Sometimes, I just consume one tablespoon of coconut oil, and my hunger goes away. The benefit of good fats is that they keep sugars under control and brain starts functioning at optimum level because these are all brain foods.

I use coconut oil in my desserts. I make a dessert with nuts, coconut oil, and dates. This dessert, when kept in the fridge, becomes like a thick mousse. It’s beautiful and delicious. It solidifies and becomes a lovely dessert. I make my own DIY deodorant and scrubs with coconut oil.

Coconut oil is like the star of my life. It has taken over all the products in my life. I use it multiple times during the day and is my all-time favourite because of the many benefits it has. So, what makes this oil stand out as a star? What are its benefits?

7 Benefits of Coconut oil:

Here are the top 7 benefits.

  1. High smoke point: Coconut oil has a high smoke point, making it ideal for Indian cooking. It is the best oil to use for stir-fries.
  2. Healthy fats: It contains healthy fats, making it heart-friendly and a super-food for brain.
  3. Lubricating: It lubricates internal organs and keeps them healthy.
  4. Helps in weight-loss: It increases the metabolism rate of your body. It keeps you satiated and reduces hunger pangs. These properties lead to weight-loss.
  5. Great for massage: Using coconut oil for massaging head and body is an age-old practice. It is relaxing and rejuvenating.
  6. Brings beauty: It promotes your hair and skin health.
  7. Medicinal properties: It is anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It boosts your immunity and energy levels.

These are some benefits of coconut oil. Now I know why Keralites use so much coconut oil in their cooking. In general, their hair is thick, black and beautiful. Kerala is the healthiest state in India, and their literacy rate is 96.2% making Kerala the most literate state in India. I believe their usage of coconut and coconut oil is a huge factor in these statistics. 

Coconut oil has all these wonderful benefits, but in order to reap these benefits, it should be pure. So, choosing the right variant of coconut oil is very important.

What kind of coconut oil is the best?

Coconut oil is highly nutritious and beneficial but these properties are retained only when it is extracted in the right way. Below factors determine the quality of coconut oil.

  1. Type of coconuts used: When organic coconuts are used, they are free from toxic chemicals and are high in nutritional value. So, organic variant is the best.
  2. Extraction method: The best way to extract oil without destroying its nutrients is age-old wooden chakka technique. This method retains the nutrients and avoids usage of harmful chemicals. All cold-pressed oils are extracted using this method.

So, organic cold-pressed coconut oil is the best variant for usage.

Some ways to use coconut oil in your daily life:

Here are some ways in which you can use this wonderful oil in your daily life.

  1. It can be widely used in daily cooking.
  2. Add it to your smoothie to enhance the benefits of a smoothie.
  3. Massage your head with coconut oil for thick and healthy hair and to de-stress.
  4. You can just have a spoonful of it just as it is. It is delicious and brings health benefits.
  5. It can be added to your salad dressings.
  6. Massage your skin with coconut oil for toxin removal and glowing skin.
  7. You can make body scrubs and face scrubs with it.
  8. For oil pulling, use coconut oil to reap the maximum benefits of oil pulling.

These are some ways in which coconut oil can enrich your life.

Where to buy?

Are you excited to try cooking with the best variant of coconut oil and wondering where to get it? As a health-conscious person, who have been searching for the pure and best variant of coconut oil since years, I know your pain. To make it easy for you, I have launched coconut oil on my website, which is made from organic coconuts and extracted in cold-pressed method. I personally use it and can vouch for its quality. Check it out on my website.

Use organic cold-pressed coconut oil and enrich your life. Bring in health, beauty and joy by using this super food. Wish you and your family health and joy!

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