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8 amazing benefits of almond oil

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Are you searching for a super healthy oil for your skin and hair? Then, almond oil is for you. Almond is a superfood with many health and beauty benefits. Almond oil extracted from pure, organic almonds brings several benefits. It is used in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda to treat dry skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Since ancient times, it has been widely used due to its medicinal properties. I use almond oil in my daily routine in various ways. In this blog, I will share with you 8 benefits of almond oil and some interesting ways in which you can use almond oil. Let’s get started.

My journey with almond oil:

Almond oil is an important part of my daily routine. I love almond oil because it is light and does not have a thick texture. I can easily wash it off. It is a light oil carrying that sweet, unique fragrance. Generally, I use almond oil as a cleanser for my face. During summers, when there is an increase in sweating and oiliness, I go for rose water, but in all other times, I use almond oil. It is also a nice makeup remover. Instead of using unhealthy chemicals to remove makeup, I go for this as it keeps my skin healthy.

I use almond oil as a carrier oil to use essential oils and also prepare essential oil blends. There are various essential oils available, and we can make nice blends with these oils. They need to be blended in the right proportion as aromatherapy is a science in its own way. For my blends, I use almond oil as a carrier oil.

Another great aspect of almond oil is its fragrance. Its sweet fragrance makes it refreshing and soothing for body massage. Body massage with almond oil also relaxes the mind. I add some essential oils like peppermint, lavender to almond oil and use them for massage. I also use it for my head massage.

I love almond oil due to its many benefits. Below are some amazing benefits of almond oil.

8 Benefits of almond oil:

  1. It is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, Omega 3, and Phytochemicals.
  2. When we massage the body with almond oil, it strengthens the body. So, it makes an excellent oil for massaging babies.
  3. It is a natural immunity booster.
  4. It carries the goodness of almonds.
  5. It improves skin tone and complexion when applied to the face.
  6. It reduces acne and scars on the face.
  7. It promotes skin and hair health when applied externally.
  8. It reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth.

These are some benefits of almond oil.

Many almond oils available in the market come with artificial added fragrances and harmful chemicals, which dilute the benefits of almond oil. When pure almond oil is used for skin, it makes skin smooth, supple, well-nourished, and healthy. So, I always looked for organic almond oil to reap the benefits. To make it easy for you, I launched organic, cold-pressed almond oil on my website.

Why should you buy our almond oil?

  1. Our almond oil is prepared using the age-old wooden chakka technique.
  2. Organic almonds are used in the making of almond oil.
  3. It is made in an internationally certified state-of-the-art plant with the highest quality standards.
  4. The organic almonds used in the making of our almond oil are specially grown by our network of farmers from Jammu – the foothills of the Himalayas.
  5. The highest nutrition and abundant energy are guaranteed since we use almonds, which are cracked open within 24 hrs to retain maximum nutrients and moisture content.
  6. It is free from harmful chemicals and parabens.
  7. It is of edible quality.

10 ways to use almond oil in your daily life:

  1. You can use almond oil to moisturize your skin. After you wash your skin, dry the skin and massage with few drops of almond oil.
  2. It is a great carrier oil. Use it as a carrier to prepare your essential oil blends and for using your essential oils.
  3. You can consume a spoonful of almond oil. This improves your digestion and boosts immunity. Just make sure that you are using only organic and pure almond oil without artificial fragrances.
  4. Almond oil can be used to prepare salad dressings. It enhances the nutritional value of your salad and adds a nice flavor.
  5. You can massage almond oil on your hair for hair growth, hair health, and reducing hair fall.
  6. To remove your makeup, use almond oil. Just dab some almond oil on a cotton ball and use it to remove makeup.
  7. Almond oil can be applied to dark circles under the eyes. Massage dark circles with few drops of almond oil and rinse with water. For better results, massage before sleeping and let it stay till morning. Wash it off in the morning.
  8. It is a great oil to massage babies. Almond oil is safe and highly nourishing.
  9. You can add it to your face masks and hair masks for enhancing beauty. Just add a few drops of almond oil to a spoon of yogurt and apply it to your face for 30 minutes. You can also replace yogurt with aloe vera.
  10. Almond oil can be used as a face cleanser. Apply almond oil to your face and gently massage your face. Leave it for a while and rinse with warm water.

These are some ways in which almond oil can enrich your life.

Add almond oil to your daily routine and reap its many benefits. Use only organic and cold-pressed variants. When it is coming from me, you can be assured that it is of premium quality, tried and tested by me personally. On my website, you will find only those products which I believe in and use in my daily life. Check out pure, organic almond oil here.

Wish you lots of good health!

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