Manjula Ghattamaneni


Happy to have you here. 


I dedicated 30 years of my life to personal development, 20 years of meditation and practiced more than 10,000 hours of meditation. This intense journey of self-development started when I hit the rock bottom of my life. You can find more details about my journey at About myself.

During this journey of personal development, I could realize my dream of acting through the movie “show”. I could produce a block-buster movie like “Pokiri”. What was impossible earlier became possible now and I achieved all the dreams close to my heart. After achieving my dreams ,I understood happiness is not a destination but a journey . This understanding gave me a new vision for my life.

My vision is having fulfillment in every area of my life – love and personal relationships,  social life, character, Health,  spiritual life, prosperity, career and I realized this is true success. I wanted to master every area of my life to fulfill my potential as a human being. This holistic vision coupled with right strategies and tools transformed and  enriched my life beyond my imagination.

Now, I made it my mission to give back and serve the world by sharing all that I have learnt in this life-time journey of self-discovery process. I am going to share with you on this website through my blogs and videos only that which I have experienced in my own life. I will openly and passionately share all of the very best concepts ,strategies, tools and resources that helped me achieve my dreams and made a measurable difference to the quality of my life.

It’s not that I have arrived and I know it all . Its just that I have walked some miles and experienced the inner and outer transformation. I am still in the learning process , discovering things .

I am no preacher . I am not a guru. I’m here only as a guide, as a mentor to show you the way to connect with yourself and make your dreams a reality . It’s awesome when we do it together .

Come,  join me in this exciting journey