I love nature. I lose track of my time when I am in the presence of nature. The green trees, blue sky, flowers, and the smell of the earth fascinate me. I woke up in the morning the other day and went for my morning walk. While returning, I felt like sitting under my beautiful peepal tree. The tree is huge and inviting.

So, I sat under this tree and did my pranayama or breathing exercise. After I performed 5 minutes of pranayama, I felt magical. It is such a serene experience, and my entire body felt vibrant. My thoughts and emotions calmed down. I felt very peaceful and recharged. All this with just 5 minutes of pranayama under a tree. I felt very grateful to this peepal tree.

Every tree has unique medicinal properties. In addition to oxygen, trees also carry something subtle called prana. This prana recharges us and keeps us healthy. When you are depressed or tired or angry, just spend a few minutes under a tree and do deep breathing or any pranayama which you know. This simple practice will recharge you and calm down your thoughts and emotions.

I think this is the reason why trees are worshiped and given great importance in Indian culture. We find trees in temples and ashrams in India. In villages, important meetings happen under tree shade. Trees are an important part of our culture and our culture recognizes this healing property of trees.

I generally do my breathing exercises inside my home. But this experience made me realize that I should do my pranayama under this tree in outdoors rather than closed doors. So, after this, I started doing breathing exercises every day under my peepal tree. This tree feels like the loving space of mother waiting to bless me.

Wish you lots of love and peace!

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