Here is the conversation between Sri Kanya and me on movement

S(Sri Kanya):Hi, ma’am.

Me:Hi! How are you?
S:I’m fine, ma’am. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity!

Me:Thank you for coming on board and meeting with me.So nice!
S:I’m so happy, ma’am.

M:So nice! Same here.I’m so happy to be with you. How are you, Sri Kanya?
S:I’m so good, ma’am.

M:Fantastic! So, what’s your question?Shoot away!
S:Actually, I got married last February.

M:Wow! Congratulations!
S:Thank you so much!I weighed 52 kilos back then.

S:But, I gained around 10 kilos now.

M:This is interesting. I didn’t know you gain weight after marriage.That’s funny.
S:With the lockdown, I was just eating and slothing at home.

M:Cool. Let’s just blame it on the lockdown.
S:Yeah, right.But I followed you even during the lockdown.

M:Is it? So nice! That’s good because I made a lot of short videos on lifestyle. I’m so happy that you followed them. So, what do you do, Sri Kanya? What is your work? Why did you sit idle at home during the lockdown?
S:Actually, I’m a journalist, ma’am.

M:Hmm. Nice!
S:Thank you. So, as we had Work From Home I’d have to sit at the desktop for longer hours.

M:Are you working from the office now?
S:Not right now. I’m going to the office.But I’m also kind of not.

M:What?! You’re going to the office but you’re not. You’re not going but you kind of are. It’s really interesting. I like it. But, I get it. You’re a journalist. You can work from anywhere. One con of journalism is that you have to sit tight for really long and write. That brings down your movement in the day to zero.

You sit and work, eat, watch TV, what not. So, that’s the root of the problem, Sri Kanya. You need movement in your day, so badly. As a journalist, you have a lot of writing to do. No problem. What you can do is, take small breaks once in a while. Maybe every 45 minutes or one hour. Just get up and move around. Sometimes, we need a break to come up with creative ideas. So, get up, walk to the lawn or whatever space you can find around you. Step out, brainstorm over those ideas as you walk.

You can be creative and get movement at the same time. We got used to sitting steadily for longer periods. Try and create a lot of movement throughout the day. This will help tremendously, compared to exercise. So, any other questions that you have?

S:Does millets consumption help in any way? Do we lose weight?
M:See, millets are definitely better than rice. They can be a good change. But, millets are also a form of carbs at the end of the day. Research also states that over consumption of millets could lead to thyroid issues. Anything in excess is bad for you. We need to consume a variety of foods. Don’t eat the same kind neither daily nor in large portions. Keep changing your diet.

So, you can consume millets, but in moderation.Switch it up.Have millets or raagi malt.You can make raagi stew.Try moong dal crepes or different curries.Keep switching it up.Brown rice can be a good addition.But, millets, brown rice or whatever…eat in less quantitities Don’t over eat.Any form of grains or something of that kind…I remember you also asked about belly fat, right?

S:Yes, ma’am.-Yeah, I recall.
M:So, when it comes to reducing belly fat, carbs is a very bad idea. Do portion control. Millets also come under carbs. You require carbs in your day. Don’t go extreme with your diet. I don’t believe in that. Do portion control. Have more of veggies and protein. The thing with belly fat is…People think you can target it and reduce it quickly. There’s no such thing as spot reduction, okay?

Because we’re eating a certain way and there’s lack of movement…Each one of our bodies is different and unique. Fat is stored in that particular area of your body. For some, it’s the thighs. It can go anywhere, but your main intention and focus should be on reducing the over all fat and that automatically burns your belly fat. So, eating right, exercising and… don’t
strain yourself straight away. Learn the nature of your body…how nutritious your food is and how strong you are. Assess all these factors. Find a good trainer. Someone who knows what he’s doing. Start your journey and take it step-by-step. Eat well and remember, there’s nothing called spot reduction. You need to work on your over all body.

Food is the biggest step. The main reason why you gained weight is sitting in one place all day. I’m telling you. Yeah. So, that is what it is. Make good eating habits. Keep moving. After you’re done writing an article, get up and walk for some time. Make a salad for yourself, cook something or be active. That’s really important because when we’re active, our blood flows better. Our mood also changes for the better. When you’re static for hours, we get dull. Your chances of being happy come down by a lot.

There’s a strong connection between psychology and movement also. There is research about depression, which says that movement and exercise can totally help in that matter. Yeah?

S:Yes, ma’am.
M:Any more questions?

S:Is it necessary to have time intervals between meals? Is it a must?
M:You want to know if you can eat between meals, right?

S:Yeah, time intervals…
M:Okay. See, the thing is I feel that if you eat three proper, nutritious meals it should be enough. But, each body is different. We’re all unique. Know what your body needs. Whether it’s a drink or some sprouts. Some kind of a snack or some nuts. Eat when you feel like it. But, keep the portions small. You can have a snack at 4 or 5 pm. But, try and have an early dinner. I believe that when we have an early dinner, you don’t feel like snacking. Have a filling breakfast and lunch. And then, have an early
dinner by 05:30 or 06:00 pm.

According to Ayurveda We should eat dinner before sunset. By the time you go to bed, your stomach also feels light. Otherwise, all your energy goes into the digestion of that food. We don’t feel fresh when we wake up the next day. So, have an early dinner. Even if you want to snack, keep it
healthy. Like, nuts veggies or sprouts. You can cook an egg in a healthy way. These can be good snacks. But I think three nourishing meals should be enough. Again, go with what your body wants. That’s really important. Yeah?

S:Okay, ma’am. Thank you so much.
M:Thank you, Sri Kanya!

S:Thank you, Manjula ma’am. I’m so happy!
M:So sweet! I’m so happy too. And, enjoy your married life.
Have a blast. Be an inspiration to your husband as well. I know you’re newlyweds. But don’t just sit on the couch and chill. Chilling is a good thing. That will be helpful for me, actually. But, go on long walks as well. Exercise together. There are so many things that you can do. Incorporate movement into your daily routine. Eat healthy. Keep your thoughts positive. Enjoy your life! That’s the biggest mantra.

S:Thank you, ma’am.
M:And keep smiling like this. You have such a beautiful smile.

S:Thank you, ma’am. Have a nice day.
M:You too. Bye, Sri Kanya!

S:Bye, ma’am.