Benefits of Smiling

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Benefits of Smiling

Smile – It’s a beautiful gift. It brings us joy, opens our hearts and makes us feel good about life. We feel good when someone smiles at us and we also feel good when we smile at others. Are there any benefits of smiling? Yes, there are. Here are some benefits of smiling.

  1. Mood enhancing: Smile enhances our mood and makes us feel good about life. Next time, when you feel irritated, try smiling and see how it impacts you.
  2. Strengthens immunity: Immunity is an important function of our body. it keeps our body healthy and strong. Smiling boosts our immunity. The more you smile, the less you fall sick.
  3. Natural cosmetic: Smile enhances the appeal of a person. It is the best cosmetic one can ever carry.

These are some benefits of smiling. To know more, check out the below video.

Video Transcript

Do you believe in magic? If you don’t, then it’s time for you to believe it. Because you have a magic wand with you. This magic wand can improve relationships, enhance your mood and strengthen your immune system. And this magic wand is free of cost and it is totally yours. What’s that? It’s your smile. Yes, your smile is your magic wand.

I have created a pretty little corner in my house in the veranda outside so that I can hear the birds chirping, be in nature and I just want to show you these corners. See the plants there. Then, I have these pretty flowers. And I have this corner with plants. And I am going to name this as “happy corner”.

Talking of happiness – smiling, laughing, being happy: these release feel-good hormones in our body. So, when we are happy, smiling, and laughing, feel-good hormones will be released in our body. This is very important for us physically and emotionally.

So, if you want to be healthy, keep smiling. Smile your way to health. Have fun. Today, spend time with at least 3 people – anyone from your family. Have fun and don’t forget to share that experience with me in the comments below.

Here are 7 benefits of smiling.

  1. It enhances your mood.
  2. It is contagious and can trigger a chain reaction of smiles around you.
  3. It strengthens your immune system.
  4. It reduces your stress.
  5. Our body releases a feel-good hormone named dopamine.
  6. It increases our lifespan.
  7. It is a natural cosmetic that enhances your beauty and makes you more likable.

So, smile. Smile even if you have no reason. Smile even if it is a fake smile. Smile and spread the joy around 😊

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