Mental Health

Immunity and mental health

Our body and mind are not 2 different things. They are one and the same. Its just that body is gross and mind is subtle. So, when we talk about the immunity of our body, leaving out mind and focusing only on food and exercise is an incomplete approach. When

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How I worked on my immunity

Immunity is today’s buzzword and has become the most important aspect of health due to coronavirus. All of us are looking for ways to boost our immunity. There are various recommendations on the internet. In my view, immunity is our natural state, and we are supposed to have it as

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free time

7 tips to spend your free time

Sometimes, in life, suddenly, we find a lot of free time, like how it happened with the onset of Coronavirus. No outings and vacations. No parties and weekend plans. This led to the availability of time. Earlier, when someone suggested us to exercise or meditate, many of us had excuses

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6 tips for work life balance

Modern life is quite hectic and work life balance is something we all strive for. We need to manage our home, careers, hobbies, family gatherings, and so on. Some days, it feels like our to-do list is never-ending. Like everyone, my life, too, is pretty hectic. My work consumes a

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Fresh air

6 benefits of breathing fresh air

The other day, I was feeling kind of tired. So, I casually went out to get some fresh air, and there I saw my favorite peepal tree. I sat under this tree and practiced deep breathing. While inhaling, I visualized that the health and vitality are entering into my body.

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self love

The Art of Self Love

One thing that greatly surprises me about many women and young girls is that – they feel they are not beautiful. These girls and women who are naturally blessed with great beauty feel they are not attractive just because they don’t fit into the definition of beauty created by someone

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