A research backed tip to enjoy exercise

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I am quite regular with exercising for years now. Exercise keeps me fit and strong. This is my major motivation to exercise regularly. Exercising makes me feel good and I exercise in a gym.

I am a nature person and spend some time in nature walking, jogging, but I do gymming and weight lifting indoors in a gym. I am blessed with a lot of nature in my home, and my heart gently urges me to do gymming also in nature. But I used to think ‘I will do tomorrow,’ or some other time, and it never happened. The main reason for this is that I am used to the comfort, convenience, and AC of the gym. So, I did not attempt to work out in nature. Time went by.

Now, due to lockdown, the gym is closed. I spent some time without working out. But I started missing my workout sessions. So, I resumed my workout sessions, and now, the only option left for me is to work out in nature.I did my entire workout in nature. It was a fantastic experience. I saw the orange flowers, green trees while exercising, and I lost track of time. Workout did not feel so strenuous like earlier. It felt effortless, and I enjoyed it greatly. It rejuvenated me and made me feel joyful.

This experience taught me how powerful and joyful it is to work out in nature. Sometimes, when we are working out, it becomes challenging to motivate ourselves and be regular. One way to stay motivated about exercise is to work out in nature and outdoors. Research also says that it is easy to be regular with exercising when we do it outdoors.

Now, I look forward to my workout time as a time to connect with mother nature. When you get a chance, try out exercising in nature and feel the difference.

Manjula Ghattamaneni, signing off and wishing you peace and love!

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