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follow your heart

“Follow Your Heart” is a concept that always fascinated me. I followed my heart in life and reaped rich experiences. I believe that our heart holds the wisdom and answers we are seeking. All we need to do is to tune into our heart.

Why follow heart?

Many of us would have experienced the magic of falling in love. It is a special feeling. A person in love forgets time and space. Suddenly, this person finds the courage to do anything for the happiness of that special person. Life feels vibrant and exciting. This love-struck person will be ready to go beyond the limitations and boundaries of everyday life. There is no monotony or mundaneness in life. Every day feels new and special. Love has some magic in it. Maybe, that’s why movies are made about it all the time and people are no bored.

You experience the same magic when you follow your heart. Whether you follow your heart or not, in life there are bound to be obstacles. But every single day becomes lively in spite of these challenges and obstacles. Every day feels magical and adventurous. Life feels meaningful and full of purpose. I experienced the most beautiful moments of my life when I followed my heart.

Some more benefits you gain by following your heart are –

  1. You make decisions in life that are suitable to your personality.
  2. You live beyond peer pressure and create your own path.
  3. Your joy of living increases.
  4. Your quality of life improves.
  5. You live life with greater levels of passion.
  6. You go the extra mile and you achieve your goals.
  7. Depression, anxiety, stress come down in life.
My journey

I fell in love with the world of cinema right from my childhood. Cameras, lights, stories, costumes, and everything else about movies fascinated me. My heart was always in movies. It took me great courage and a good amount of struggle to follow my heart. And it was worth it. That is how a national award-winning film like “Show” happened, making my father and the Telugu film industry proud of me. This would not have happened if I had ignored my heart’s calling. Be it my work or my marriage or my self-development journey, “Follow your heart” theme guided my life predominantly.

When I followed my heart’s wisdom, I felt alive and full of passion for life. When I listened to the gentle whispers of my heart, I found guidance and way when I faced obstacles. My entire life taught me that when I follow my heart, I live my truth.

How to follow your heart?

Sometimes, we will be confused in life about the direction. Should we enter this college? Should we take up this job? How to know what to do? The key is to listen to your heart. But, many times, it so happens that we can’t understand what our heart says. This is a common scenario faced by many. Why does this happen? Because we are too lost in the stress, confusion of every day and never tried to connect within. We need to start our inner journey if we want to unlock our heart’s wisdom.

How to start inner journey?

There are various ways to go within. Some of the ways are

  1. Meditation
  2. Spending time in nature
  3. Pursuing your hobbies
  4. Being relaxed and joyful in life
  5. Laughing and enjoying life

When every person follows their heart, the world will be free of depression, boredom, poverty, injustice, and even crime. Can you imagine a happy person committing a crime? No, right. You and I can contribute towards making this world a joyful and peaceful place just by following our hearts. Are you ready to join me in this movement?

There is no reason not to follow your heart – Steve Jobs

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