Happiness in a normal daily life

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The other morning, I went out for my regular morning walk. This is ‘my time,’ which helps me reflect and go within. As I walked peacefully enjoying the Sunrise time, I heard chirping of the birds around me. These birds were making various kinds of sounds. Listening to these chirping birds, I went into the state of happiness, which I usually experience in my meditation. And when I saw the little blade of grass on the ground, I experienced the presence.

These two experiences made me realize that there is so much of happiness in the little normal instances of a day. Sometimes, in life, we think that something big should happen in life for us to feel happy. But how true is this? We don’t need to go anywhere to experience the magic of life. Trees around us, animals, birds, grass, rivers, oceans, sky, air – all these offer bliss. If we can open our hearts, we will find the happiness and magic all around us.

How to open our hearts to this magic of happiness? One way I know is meditation. As we keep meditating regularly, we will start experiencing charm and beauty in a normal daily life. We will see beauty everywhere around us, and life never stops fascinating us. Little things of life fascinate us and make our life a joyful experience. Apart from this, meditation offers many benefits like inner peace, joy, better immunity, improved health, etc.

So, I invite each one of you to try meditation. Don’t be bogged down by the word meditation. It is simple to learn and easy to practice. Persist with meditation for some years. Don’t give up after meditating for a few weeks or months. Make meditation part of your life. As you meditate, you will eventually reach a state where normal things of life will take you into happiness.

Manjula Ghattamaneni, signing off and wishing you peace and love.

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