How a simple change can enhance our mood

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The other day, my mom and I were sitting in our veranda and having a casual chat. It is around 5 PM, but it is quite hot as it is summer. Both of us felt the heat and did not feel like chatting much. The heat is irritating and made us feel grumpy. Our mood was low. Beside our veranda, we have our garden. Suddenly, I felt like moving from the veranda to the garden. So, my mom and I went to the garden, and we sat in the garden.

Our garden is a beautiful place with greenery and various trees. When I sat on the green grass on Earth, I could feel the energy of Mother Earth strengthening and rejuvenating me. My irritation was gone and my mood changed. I became my cheerful self and felt refreshed. I also experienced a great difference in the temperature when I sat on the grass. Temperature felt lower than what it was in the verandah. My mother, too, felt the difference. Like me, she felt good sitting in the garden. And we both had a happy conversation. This experience taught me the importance of sitting on Earth.

In olden days, a home used to have some open Earth left, and people used to happily sit on Earth and talk. But due to modernization, the amount of open Earth in a home, without concrete, has become nil or negligible. We have concrete floor everywhere. And this is making us stay away from the touch of Earth.

Just like a child needs a mother’s touch for healthy and happy growth, we all need the touch of Mother Earth for our health and happiness. Staying connected with Earth rejuvenates us. This experience taught me that the simple practice of sitting on Earth could change our mood and energy. Try this experiment for yourself and see how you feel when you sit on the green grass or just plain Earth.

Wish you peace and love!

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