How I power down for a better sleep

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Sleep is one of the most important functions of our body. It is important to plan well and follow certain steps for a better sleep. Some of us end our day by watching movies or engaging in social media. Some of us work late into the night or try to sleep immediately after eating a heavy, late-night meal. All these make it difficult to fall asleep and result in poor sleep quality, thereby impacting the health and joy of living.

How you spend your last hour before you sleep plays an important role in determining your sleep quality. This last one hour is called power-down hour. A proper power-down hour prepares your body and mind for a better sleep. When this time is properly planned and executed, you experience deep sleep and feel refreshed and energized when you wake up in the morning. 

In addition to power-down hour, you can also practice evening ritual, which helps you wind down your day smoothly. Below is how I do my evening ritual and power-down hour. 

  1. Watching Sunset – I never miss watching a Sunset no matter how busy my day is or where am I. I love and enjoy watching Sunset. Watching Sunset fills me with gratitude for the entire day and makes me feel joyful. 
  2. Incense is burnt in the entire home, and aromatherapy oils are diffused to fill the home with beautiful and relaxing fragrance. These fragrances relax the body and mind and also makes the home a joyful place.
  3. I lit the lamps and connect with the divine as an act of gratitude.
  4. I complete my dinner before 6:30 PM. Early dinner gives the body sufficient time to digest the food and makes it easy for the body. Also, this helps in enhancing sleep quality. 
  5. I put away all my gadgets.
  6. I put on my blue light blocking glasses 2 hours before bed.
  7. I spend my time in the sauna and warm bath. These relax me completely and help me de-stress. It is important to de-stress oneself every day.
  8. I plan my next day meetings, clothes, important files, etc., so that I don’t start my next day in anxiety and rush.
  9. I do some light stretches, deep breathing, prayers, and gratitude journal before I fall asleep at 9 PM. These practices help me end my day in a positive state of mind.

This is how I wind down my day. Winding down your day in a systematic and planned way improves the quality of your sleep and life significantly. Take some time and plan your power down hour.

Happy sleeping!

Manjula Ghattamaneni, signing off and wishing you health, success, peace!

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