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Immunity is today’s buzzword and has become the most important aspect of health due to coronavirus. All of us are looking for ways to boost our immunity. There are various recommendations on the internet. In my view, immunity is our natural state, and we are supposed to have it as naturally as our hunger or sleep. But we are living in times where immunity has become a concern because we are not living anymore in tune with nature.

Our ancestors were strong because they lived in tune with nature. They woke up with Sunrise and slept early. Their food was free of toxic chemicals. They did a lot of physical work. And importantly, they lead a stress-free life. They did not lead hectic lives or worry about tomorrow. But today, the scenario is completely different. We are stressed out handling many tasks in a day. Our sleeping patterns are disturbed and we are waking up late and sleeping late. We are worried and leading hectic lives and have lost the connection with nature. All these factors have resulted in poor immunity of current times.

Coronavirus, in a way, is a wakeup call for us to reflect on our lifestyle. It has forced us to reflect on the direction we are heading to and change this direction.

Coming to my journey with immunity. My immunity was not great when I was in college. I did not have any major sickness, but I used to have respiratory problems and allergies. I got cold very easily and took medicines to address these issues. The problem was solved. But after some days, I again got the problem. Again, I took the medicines, and the problem is resolved. This cycle continued for several years.

After a point of time, I was fed up and started looking for ways to permanently fix these issues. I wanted to know the root cause of these allergies and cold and fix the root cause. During my exploration, I noticed that whenever I was stressed out, I fell sick. Our body communicates with us through various signals like hunger, pain, sleep, etc. However, we ignore these signals thinking work is more important than the body’s needs. When I ignored sleep to complete a project or assignment, I fell sick.

I also realized that because of taking medicines for these allergies, I did not give my body a chance to fight the infection. If I give medicines to my body even before it attempts to fight the infection, I am making my body’s fighting mechanism weaker. I did not want to suppress my allergies or make my body’s fighting mechanism weaker with medicines anymore. So, I stopped taking medicines and tried remedies like ginger tea to address my problems.

I did not find any significant change. So, I explored more on this subject and read many books and did various courses. I wanted to go to the depth of this topic and understand more about the immunity. I then understood that strong immunity is a deeper work. Immunity is not just built by eating good foods. Yes, good food is important, but it’s not the only aspect that affects our immunity. I understood that our thoughts and emotions, too, have a significant impact on our immunity. Our thoughts and emotions are food to our minds, and they impact our immunity. So, it matters to reflect on the question – what thoughts am I feeding my mind with? Our stress levels, the time we wake up, our sleep quality, our bedtime, amount of happiness in life, quality of our life – all these too matter in building our immunity.

This realization helped me to create a morning ritual. Morning ritual is a group of practices I do in the morning time which take care of my body, mind, and spirit. These practices help me build my health and immunity. As part of my everyday morning ritual, I practice watching Sunrise, oil pulling, jal neti, exercises, breathing exercises, prayers, and meditation. I use my mornings productively to infuse my mind with positivity. I practice gratitude and reflect on things that make me happy. In the last 3 years, my meditations have become more powerful and deeper, and my morning ritual also has become robust.

The result of these practices is my enhanced immunity. Now, I don’t take any medicines. Colds have stopped completely. I feel stronger and better today than I was some years back. This journey taught me that immunity is a holistic aspect and needs body, mind, and spirit alignment. If immunity is our priority, we should start living in tune with nature and take care of our emotions and thoughts. Immunity is something that we need to work on every day, with a long-term plan in place.

Immunity is a very important aspect of our life. Without strong immunity, our health goes for a toss. Strong immunity results in a strong and healthy body. Such a body is our birthright and helps us in achieving our goals. Our body is a temple, and it’s our duty to keep our body healthy and strong. I suggest you have a morning ritual where you can work on your body, mind, and spirit in the morning time.Consistency matters. So, consistently work on these 3 aspects of you. Start with just 15 minutes and gradually increase the time. Having a morning ritual boosts your energy levels in a day gives you happiness and lowers your stress. This will strengthen you on all levels. So, create a long-term plan for your immunity and work on it.

Along with morning ritual, eat healthy and nutritious food. Sleep early and wake up early. And take time every day to feel the joy of living. All our pursuits are for happiness, but if we become so busy that we don’t even take a moment to feel happy, our pursuits are of no meaning. So, for a few minutes, feel the joy wholeheartedly by doing things that matter to you.

Wish you and your family good health!

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