How watching Sunrise transformed my life

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Sunrise – This is something close to my heart, and I rarely miss watching Sunrise in a day. The beautiful colors of Sunrise, chirping of the birds, fresh breeze on my face – these help me start my day with happiness and excitement and infuse positivity in me. No matter how busy I am with my work or traveling or family responsibilities, I take time out of my schedule to watch Sunrise and be with the Sun almost every day. It’s my sacred, precious time in a day.

Many years back, just out of playfulness and sheer joy, I started watching Sunrise and spending time with my Sun (yes, my Sun 😊. It became kind of a personal relationship with Sun). What started as life’s little pleasure became a very powerful practice in my life, which impacted my life beautifully. When I started watching Sunrise, I did not imagine that this simple practice of watching Sunrise can add much value to my life.

Watching Sunrise is highly recommended by both Spirituality and Science. When I started waking up early and experienced the grandeur of Sunrise, my life transformed. I found time to do things that mattered to me. I could plan my day better. Miraculous coincidences came my way. And I started my day on a positive note. The more I gazed at the Sun, the more receptive I became to the energies of Sun. With the passage of time, I started creating a pathway with the Sun through which I could feel the divine blessings and healing energies of the Sun. These blessings and energies rejuvenated my body, mind, and spirit. 

Sun is the visible God right in front of our eyes. We need not go to any temple or particular place to have a darshan of this God. No long queues and no tickets to buy. He gives his darshan freely to all of us who care to wake up early through Sunrise. This God touches every person and every being on this Earth unconditionally. He does not discriminate between poor and rich or male and female or saint and sinner. He sends his rays and blessings to every person, every animal, every bird, every tree, every insect. Sun God stands for unconditional love and generosity.

I know we all have busy schedules. But with proper planning, we can make some time for Sunrise. Plan your schedule to accommodate Sunrise in your life. If not every day, try watching Sunrise at least on weekends.

Like Sun God, spread your cheer, peace, and joy to every person you meet. The world is yours to claim.

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