My Journey with Gratitude

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When we look around, there is nothing but abundance, goodness, and blessings. It’s amazing how life is so rich and abundant. But we don’t acknowledge that. Forget acknowledgment. We continuously crib about things that went wrong or things that did not happen as we expected. And we keep craving for various things.

The best part is – whatever we crave, we will achieve it someday. At least after we achieve what we want, we should have gratitude. But no. Our mind does not work that way. We quickly lose interest in what we achieved, and we again crave something else. This loop goes on forever. Basically, gratitude is completely missing from our lives.

When we don’t have gratitude for what we already have, we get into a negative mode of bitter and resentful, victimized state. When we are in these negative states, even if life wants to give us, we cannot receive it. Everything keeps bouncing back. That’s one reason things we want don’t happen, or success does not come to us.

For me, gratitude was a journey. I learned to have gratitude in life. Initially, I didn’t have much gratitude. I was cribbing about various situations and things. It came to peaks when my acting career did not take off. I missed acknowledging all the wonderful blessings and the great things that were around me. All that I focussed on was on the things I was not getting. I felt victimized and could not see the blessings.

The day I realized this and took a break from negativity, I went into self-introspection. One of the first things I discovered in self-introspection was gratitude – which is so pure and beautiful within me. It is within all of us, but it’s hidden by all our cribbing and dissatisfaction. When I went within, I found immense gratitude for life itself. At that time, I did not try listing out my blessings or things I was grateful for. Just being alive and life itself is so gratifying. There was so much peace and bliss I found. From then on, my life was not the same.

Till I practiced gratitude, I thought only acting is my way. But once I started practicing gratitude, I realized there is so much I could do in life. If I could not become an actor, so what? There are so many doors and opportunities right in front of me. I could work with my dad as an assistant director. I could be an executive producer for my dad’s production. There was so much going on. If acting is not working out, I could have done so many things.

When I realized this, I was happy with my life and started working as an assistant director. I looked at the production angle. In this journey, I learned so much. When I started having gratitude for all these things, more and more opportunities came my way. Finally, what I wanted – acting – that has also worked out. And I truly believe that it was my gratitude that brought me what I wanted.

This experience taught me that having gratitude is one of the most important things in life. It’s more important than love itself. Gratitude is a superior form of love. It’s a very deep, high level of living. There was a remarkable difference in my life when I had gratitude, and when I did not have gratitude. With gratitude, I became happier, more peaceful, and more productive in life.

I noticed that when we have gratitude, we start enjoying life and become simple people. We live life with humility. Whether things happen or not like how we want, we can still be happy and peaceful. And the best part is things we want to happen when we have gratitude. It’s a bonus. Whether we accept it or not, believe it or not, that’s how life works.

Like anything else, gratitude needs to be practiced daily and made part of our life. Gratitude may not come naturally to many of us. It’s something we need to learn and practice regularly.

I practice immense gratitude every day consciously for all the blessings in my life, like my work, family, abundance, prosperity. I am grateful for my health and fitness. I thank the divine for all the creativity, inspiration, and strength. There is so much in life we can thank – God, self, family members, Sun, Sunrise, cool breeze. Our body – what a miracle! Everything functions in autopilot mode. Emotions and thoughts and everything in perfect coordination. Oh! So many things to thank in life. And this emotion of gratitude recharges me and keeps me in high spirits.

So, how do you start your gratitude journey?

Just go out of your home on a drive. Notice the world around you. Observe the roads. Notice the people. Drive around the slums and look at people going through poverty. There are many people in this world who cannot afford two meals a day. There are many bright children who cannot afford education. Here, we have food. We can choose which restaurant to go to. We have so many blessings in life like a comfortable home, a wardrobe full of clothes, comforts of modern life, education, wonderful family, and the list goes on.

Just go for this gratitude drive and see what life is. Come back and take out your gratitude journal. Keep a new book as a gratitude journal to note down all the blessings in your life. You will be amazed at the number of blessings you can jot down.

I want to tell you that if there is a single most important thing in life, its gratitude. If you have gratitude, you have everything in life.

Wish you and your family the best!

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