Smile is the essence of life

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Smile – what a beautiful thing it is! It is a very natural thing to smile. When we were babies, we smiled for no reason and smiled at everyone. We did not bother if it’s a stranger or a family member. We just smiled. And no one taught us how to smile. It came naturally to us. But as we grow up, we rarely smile, or we smile only at people we know or only when we are happy. We have all these rules to smile. But smile is such a natural thing. Being happy and smiling is our birthright.

My journey with smile

I was a shy and introverted person during my childhood. I was happy, but I was shy. In my childhood, when I met new people or went shopping, I did not come across as a friendly person because I didn’t smile freely and generously. With strangers, I did not smile at all, and even with people whom I knew to some extent, I was reserved with my smile.

How meditation helped me smile more

As I got into spirituality and meditated, I started becoming more comfortable with people, and my shyness reduced. When I meditated, I experienced inner connect and got in touch with my thoughts and emotions. When I got this connection with myself, I automatically started connecting better with people around me. I became more friendly and could empathize with others. I could smile easily. When I went shopping and met strangers, I started smiling when our eyes met. Earlier, I would not even have an eye contact if I don’t know the other person. After my spiritual journey, I started having eye contact and smiling.

My observation

I noticed that in India, we don’t greet strangers in a friendly way like in western countries. When I traveled to the US or UK, I noticed that people there are friendly and warm with strangers. In these countries, when you go shopping or walking and come across strangers, they greet you with warmth and a big smile. They are very friendly. That’s something I learned and appreciated when I traveled to these western countries. I felt this attitude of smiling at strangers is inspiring and something we should inculcate in our lives too.

In this way, I started becoming more friendly and smiling, happy and laughing. I was always like this, but it was only with my close family members and friends. Gradually, I extended this smile and joy to acquaintances and strangers too. I realized our smile should be free-flowing and generous.

What I learnt from my day about smiling

Spending time with family, smiling, and getting connected is a very essential and core part of my life. I noticed that even on a hard day, the moment I see my family, I have this smile on my face. I learned this from my dad. He might be having a grilling 16-hour workday. But once he is at home, he carries this beautiful and pleasant smile on his face. I never saw my father grumpy or sad or off mood. I have seen him smile no matter what life brought him. He is someone who knows how to deal with life. He has lived his life through smiles.

I feel that smiling is an important aspect of our lives. When we smile, even difficult moments in life seem easy to handle. Nothing seems so serious or hard. A smile can change a lot of things. When we smile, our body and mind relax. We find solutions to our problems and become optimistic.

Try smiling

When you are going through tough times, just try smiling. I tried it and experienced that this simple act changes our mood. When our mood changes, our decisions, thought process, destiny, and life change. We think big things are needed to transform our lives, but life can be transformed with something as simple as a smile. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple smile.

How I adopted smile in my life

Every single day, I smile the moment I wake up. I greet my day with a smile, and this sets the tone for the rest of the day. This start helps me keep smiling throughout the day. I smile at the birds, breeze, Sun, and the people around me. I greet the Sun with a beautiful smile. I pray with a smile and spend time with my family members with a smile. This small act of smiling is a magic ingredient that boosts my energy levels and keeps me in high spirits.

Carry your smile

Adopt a smile at home, at work, and even when alone, smile. When you walk into a meeting, walk in with a smile and break the ice with your smile. Your smile changes the vibrations of the entire room. Your smile touches other people, and they feel warm. They become comfortable with you and open up. Discussions and communication go well in such a warm environment. So, carry a smile with you wherever you go. It adds magic and charm to your personality.

Even in stressful times, start with a smile, end with a smile, and in between, add loads of smiles. If you cannot smile naturally, carry an artificial smile. This artificial smile can also bring great benefits. With a smile, everything becomes easier. It becomes an easy flow – nothing complicated. Life becomes fun and happy.

Essence of life

A smile teaches us that we don’t need to take everything seriously, carrying the burden of the whole world on our shoulders. This is the beauty of the smile. There is nothing else but smile. Smile is the essence of life.

Keep smiling!

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