Time management lessons from my father

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Time – our life runs by this. All of us have only 24 hours in a day. Nowadays, everyone seems to be running short of time, and time management has become all the more important. As part of my work, I meet various people, and very few of them maintain punctuality. Many of the people come late to meetings, and they seem to be struggling to manage their time. When I see this, I remember my father.

My father is a superstar and acted in hundreds of movies. He is a simple man and never behaved like a superstar. In his heydays, he used to work 16 hours per day and was quite busy. But surprisingly, he always had time for his family. He made it a point to give his time to us. He not only gave time but also kept his commitments. He was always on time for his shootings and meetings.

Even today, my father keeps up his commitments to the dot. If he promises to come by 6 PM, he will be there by 6 PM. He is predictable. I marvel at his time management skills. Being a superstar, he can come late, and no one will even question him. He can tell a hundred excuses for not being on time. But not once did he do that.

He respects time and lives in a rhythm. His lifestyle inspired me to be punctual and respect my commitments. If a superstar has no excuses and is punctual, what excuses can I come up with? None, right. I learned from my father that respecting other person’s time is important in life. Time is more valuable than money because once time is lost, it cannot be earned. So, we don’t have the right to keep the other person waiting and waste his/her time. Making the other person wait for us is an act of disrespect towards the person. When we start respecting time and manage it better, success is bound to come into our life.

Thus, our life is the sum total of how we manage our time. Make time for fitness, family, work, spirituality. Enjoy the wonder of Sunrise. Keep up your commitments, and don’t let anyone wait for you. When you are punctual in life, you automatically get that respect and admiration from others without asking.

Wishing you lots of love and peace!

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