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Building immunity with Healing Meditation

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Healing meditation

meditation is a great tool that helps us build our immunity. There are many types of meditation and in this article, I am going to introduce healing meditation to you which relaxes you and rejuvenates your body. To know more about healing meditation, watch the below video.

Video Transcript:

Recap of Blessing Meditation

I will share a very small and very effective technique. Sit cross-legged on the floor.

Think of any loving moment like any joyful and happy moment. Visualize a small beautiful earth in front of you and visualize sending love, health and happiness through your hands, Bless mother Earth. Mother Earth will bless us back. She will take care of us.


After blessing meditation, as a continuation, there is another small meditation. This can be very effective.

Now, we are in a peaceful state after blessing meditation. Then, just feel this part with gratitude and feel the divine blessings. Then our crown chakra will open up. And we will be connected to the divine. Now, let’s visualize our own self. Pray to God. That’s the most important thing. Only when we pray, we can create the connection between us and the divine.

Once you pray, just visualize white light – brilliant white light flowing from the divine into the top of your head. You just visualize a white light hat on top of your crown chakra. Then close your eyes. And just visualize divine white light flowing into your head, all over your head area, your brain, your eyes, your throat, your whole chest, stomach, hands, legs, and your whole body.

Just visualize the beautiful divine white light reaching every cell and every single part of your body. After this, pray to God and say out loud – My body is healthy, strong, and happy. Just do this simple meditation and it will do wonders to your body and health.

So, these are the two techniques that have really helped me, and this is my little effort to share these with you. Try both these techniques – blessing meditation and white light healing meditation.

If you have any tips regarding meditation or any healing techniques, please share in the comments below. I would love to listen. I would love to read. And then we can share those again.

Stay healthy. Stay happy. Stay strong. Wish you and your family and the whole world lots of peace and good health.