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Do you know what you want for your body?

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Many times, in life, we are like a piece of wood in the water or a leaf in the air where we are just floating around wherever the breeze takes us or the tide takes us. Many of us do not know what we want for the body. We lack a clear vision. My weight loss journey taught me the importance of having a clear vision for the body. Knowing what you want for your body is the first and foremost step of a successful weight loss journey.

Till my weight loss journey, I never thought about what I wanted for my body. I was always thin and I never had a weight problem until a fine day. After college, I had put on weight and I was desperate to lose this weight. But it was quite a frustrating experience because after putting on weight, I just could not lose it. I tried dieting and many things. The more I went on a diet, the more I wanted to eat more. I started eating more than before and as a result, I started putting on more weight even more than before. It was frustrating. I had no clue about how to crack the mystery of weight loss.

When I looked around and saw all these perfect models and actresses, I wondered how they did it. One day, I was going through Vogue magazine and came across Cindy Crawford’s picture in a bikini. She had a perfect body. I was like wow and aspired for such a great body. I cut her picture and stuck it on the wall in my bedroom. Then, I had no clue about the vision board, affirmations, and positive thinking. I knew none of them.

But all I wanted was to have a body like that. So, I cut that picture and stuck it on my wall to get inspired. When I looked at that picture every day, I visualized my body like that. So, unknowingly I created a goal and I had a clear vision. The minute I had a vision, my goal became very strong. For the first time in my life, I knew what I wanted for my body.

Up until then, I was one of those blessed people who was just thin. I could eat anything I wanted and never gained weight. But my weight gain was a blessing because, for the first time in my life, I started asking what I want for my body. What kind of a body do I want? When I looked at that picture of Cindy Crawford, it became very clear to me that that is what I want.

Many times, in life, we don’t have a direction because most times, we don’t know what we want. We just drift with whatever life brings us. But this will not take us anywhere because when we don’t have a clear vision, we easily get drifted.

When I knew what I wanted for my body, the whole path became very clear. I had the strength and will to continue my diet. Before I wrote my vision down or what I wanted for me and my body, I used to diet and break it. My temptations and thoughts were more powerful and I don’t have control over them. My thoughts were the master and I wasn’t the master of the thoughts.

When I didn’t have a vision, it did not matter how I pursued my weight loss. One meal, I tried to diet and the other meal, I did not follow it. It did not matter because the journey was not motivating me. When you don’t know what you want, it’s hard because you have no direction. So, the minute I knew I wanted, the minute I was clear what the goal was for my body, I was able to diet. So, one of the most important things is to have a vision.

You can have a vision for your body, work, relationships, money, and anything else you want. When I cut the picture of Cindy Crawford and put it in my bedroom, it was like having a vision. It pertained to my body but you can have a big vision board for all categories. You can have a big vision board for all categories and also a small vision board for each category. You can stick it anywhere and write your vision underneath this vision board, something like ‘I have a great body’.

Creating a clear vision about what you want for the body makes your weight loss journey easier and effortless. Many people fail with weight loss because they don’t create a vision that inspires and motivates them. So, if you are really serious about your weight loss, create your vision right today.

Below are some questions that help you create a vision for your body.

1.       If I can achieve anything in life, what do I desire about my body?

2.       How do I want my body to look?

3.       How do I want to feel about my body?

When you reflect on these questions, you will have a clear vision of your body. Once you have your vision in place, your weight loss journey becomes easier.

Have you created your vision for your body?

Happy weight loss!

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