Hi, Divya! Happy New Year!

You know what, guys! Divya was supposed to join me today. But she couldn’t make it. So, she sent me her question. I’m going to read that to you. And, I’ll answer her question. We can discuss that. Okay. So…

Hi, Manjula ma’am. Gives me so much pleasure to know that I’m not alone in my journey. Whenever I hear from you, I feel so good. Thank you so much! My question is…How can we know the real purpose of our life?

Wow!! What a question! Okay. Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s an amazing question because knowing our real purpose is the most important thing in our life. You know what I mean? Like, you know, many times we feel kind of lost and restless in life. That’s because we’re yet to figure out the true purpose of our life. The moment we realize our true purpose and passion, our whole life will have a magical feel to it. As human beings, we’re born with a certain purpose. And every single one of us is a unique individual with unique capabilities and unique talents.

There’s something that only Divya can do which nobody else in this wide world can. Only Divya can do it. She is gifted naturally. If you can find out what your life purpose is it will be wonderful. Life will be wonderful and magical. So, how do you get to know your life purpose? That’s what you want to know, right?

There are very few people who can actually know what they want. And, those are the lucky people. But, that doesn’t mean that the rest of them are lost or anything. There’s nothing wrong in not knowing your purpose. But, what will be sad is if we don’t figure out our purpose our entire lives. So, there’s a certain time for everything. When you’re ready, it will show up, okay?

But, having said that we should keep trying from our side, okay? Like I said, things happen when the time comes. When you’re ready you will definitely know. And, your purpose, your heart should resonate with it. And, what are your gifts? I wish we could chat. Would’ve been great if you were here. Lot of questions to ask you.

When you said life purpose it means your passion in life, right? Your work. So, if you ask how you find it..most times, what happens is there are so many thoughts in our head. Continuous chatter. That’s normal. We humans are made like that. There is a continuous chatter going on in our head. We’re either thinking about the future or something from the past. We are rarely in the present. In the now. That is our nature. But, somewhere down the line, in this chaotic modern life, the thing called ‘living in the moment’…that is missing.

Because of the constant noise in our head, you’re not tuned to hear the whispers of your heart. You’re not able to listen to what your heart wants. Your heart sends a cute little whisper saying, ‘Divya, this is what you should be doing in life.’ It’s trying to whisper to you, okay? But, there are all these loud thoughts. You’re not able to hear your heart. If you calm those thoughts down, if you lower that noise – that whole mental chatter, you can hear what your heart wants. And then, you can follow your heart.

But to follow your heart, you need to connect to it. Correct? So, how do you connect with your heart? Lower the noise. Be silent. You might be silent. But there’s a lot of noise going on. Okay. So being silent doesn’t mean keeping shut. A lot of talking will be going on. So, how do you get silent is, meditation is a wonderful way. But, not everybody can meditate.

It may not be for you also. Meditation is – like Osho says – It’s actually the last step. We should work on many qualities before that. All the positive qualities, character, emotions, feelings…Being kind and compassionate…Only then when you sit down you can meditate calmly. If we ignore these virtues and try to meditate there is too much of turmoil going on. It’s pretty hard. You can’t just sit down and watch your breath.

You’ll have all kinds of thoughts. Your thoughts will multiply the minute you sit down to meditate. So, what is meditation? To each his own. What meditation suits me may not suit you. Because I’ve done 20 years of meditation, I’m able to do it. For you, especially in the modern life I feel there are various ways to meditate. You don’t need to just sit down quietly.

You can watch the sunrise. Whenever we watch the sunrise or sunset have you noticed how that beauty just calms your mind? You just go blank. You’re just looking at that sun. That beauty! Enjoying that moment! For one second, you come to the present moment. You know what I mean? Immediately, you’re here. In the ‘now’. No more thoughts. Just that beauty of sunrise. It just takes over you. It’s only you and the sun. That’s a beautiful meditation.

Another great meditation for you will be walking. Spending time in the Nature. Take those long walks in the Nature. If there’s no park nearby, make the effort. Walk to the nearby park and spend time in the Nature. It can be very therapeutic. It can be calming. Nature has this ability…It just gives us so much energy. It’s like, so much of bioplasmic energy. And, that totally rejuvenates you. So, spending time in the Nature…because of the abundance of energy…We’re not different from Nature. We’re all one, you know. And at that time, our thoughts automatically calm down. And then, there is a certain peace.

Also, you can dance. Dance is an amazing way to meditate. Dance to any nice, lovely music. It can be soothing, fun or fast. You can dance to movie songs also. Nothing wrong. Anything that makes it fun. Enjoying the moment when your mind and body are in sync. You just have a blast. When your body just moves to that music you’re having so much fun. And your thoughts are also reduced. After that physical movement, just sit down.

Then watch your breath, calm yourself down. Just be in that space, okay? And see what comes up. Do this for a couple of weeks. Listen to the whispers of your heart keenly. Something will definitely come up. May not come up immediately. You might feel it the next day. It could come as an idea from a friend. Maybe like a new opportunity.

What do you enjoy doing the most? What are the activities that give you lot of joy? What do you find fun? We usually find our purpose pretty easy to do. We’re all gifted that way. For some reason, it just flows. Comes to us quite easily. What is that? What are you good at? Ask your friends, family, mother or father. Ask the people you’re close to. Just ask them…’What am I good at?’

Ask them, talk to them and start somewhere. Whatever your purpose or gift may be it will be so easy that it will flow. And once you find that work hard towards it. Because many people dream about achieving their purpose. But, put in the work. Put in the hours of practice. Whatever it takes, hard work should be there.

And then, when you figure out your purpose with your hard work, skill and attitude, no one can stop you. You will definitely achieve it. Yeah, Divya? So, are you going to calm your thoughts? Bring in silence? Not just the outside silence. The inside. The inner world of Divya. Are you going to bring in that quietness? Yeah? That’s superb, Divya.

I want you to go figure your purpose out. I wish you could be here with me. But, never mind. We’ll catch up soon, yeah? And, figure it out. Whatever that purpose is, when you find it you have to share it with me first.

Great, Divya. Lots of love to you and blessings. Bye! And Happy New Year again! It’s great to start the year with you. All the very best! Bye!!!

Wish you all a very Happy New Year. May 2021 bring us all the happiness, health and prosperity. Dream big, guys! Because, you know what? We’re all going to achieve our dreams. So you might as well dream big.

Happy New Year! Lots of love.Bye!