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How to build self confidence

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This is the conversation between Akhila and me on how to build self-confidence.

I:Wish you a happy Sankranthi!
Akhila(A):Thank you, ma’am.And wish you the same.Thank you so much!

I:How are you?
A:Fine, ma’am. To be honest,I didn’t expect you to call.I was so excited.

I:Yeah? That’s so nice.
A:And I was waiting to catch up with you.

I:Finally, we’re here.
A:Wow, ma’am. I didn’t expect this.I’m still in shock.

I:So, Akhila…
A:My mom was waiting to talk to you.She just went out.

I:Oh, is it?
A:She’d be really happy.

I:That’s great. What all did she cook for the festival?
A:She made all kinds of traditional snacks.So much stuff! Laddoos even.

I:Eat and enjoy!
A:Yeah, ma’am. My mom cooks really well.

I:Very nice!So, Akhila… tell me.What’s your question?
A:I want to know how to build self confidence.

I:Okay, cool.I think, to start off with…you’re a very confident girl/woman.I see someone who’s very
confident in front of me, okay?
A:Thank you so much!

I:See, self confidence…when we have self-love for ourselves…when we feel that connect…when we’re there for ourselves, self confidence comes automatically. These topics like self-confidence and insecurities…do you know when they pop up in your life? When we’re lost…When we’re directionless…When we don’t know what to do in life…You know what I’m saying?

When you’re totally directionless and you don’t know your purpose, that’s when you start feeling uneasy…that feeling of being lost…it’s this feeling where you’re not there for yourself…and the minute you figure yourself, your purpose…Akhila, you know when we wake up in the morning, we should be waiting to jump out of bed to start the day, with joy.

When you feel that joy, self confidence is no big deal. You won’t be thinking about how to be self-confident anymore. You don’t have to work on it and build your self-confidence. Okay? Our whole being will be vibrating with love. When that happens, self-confidence comes automatically. Am I right?

A:Yes, ma’am. I wanted to hear the answer from you.I feel like listening to you all the time.

I:So nice! That is really nice! And you also need to implement it, okay?
A:Yeah, ma’am. Sure.

I:Gaining knowledge that you don’t put to use, is worthless. Whenever we’re inspired by something we see, listen or read…when you feel that you connect with it…when it makes you feel positive…you need to go ahead and practice it. Take action steps. Otherwise, it will all go to waste. Like, there’s no point. Having all the knowledge in the world and not going out there and practicing it.

So, that is very important. There are so many things that you can do for self-confidence. I won’t say to build self-confidence. But to have a connect with yourself, you know…to work on yourself, reading good books…and also…you should feel positive, Akhila. About life itself.

When we think positively of ourselves and have positive thoughts, all our interactions change. When you meet someone, suppose you’re a positive person with positive thoughts, you know…

Take a meeting for example. Whoever you’re dealing with…if you think of them positively and pray for the meeting to go well and wish for them to stay blessed… when you step in, first of all, they’ll be happy to see you because you smile. You treat them with so much positivity. You’ll be spreading that, okay? And, they will feel so good. With the way they respond, you’ll be full of confidence. Confidence that’s not just coming from pretending. It’s a joy.

Genuinely showing them kindness, compassion and joy. That confidence that you get, will come from your heart. It will flow and it will touch the other person. There will be simplicity and humility in that confidence. It’s not ‘Oh, I’ve arrived!’ kind of confidence. But, being in touch with yourself. It’s a confidence where you realize your divinity. A confidence that makes you know that you’re special. You know what I mean, Akhila? Are you getting what I’m saying?

A:Yeah, ma’am. Got it. I understand.-Great!
I:Great! Great! Anything else, Akhila? Other than confidence…what else do you have on mind?

A:That was the only question I had for you, ma’am.
I:No problem. If you think of anything later, mention it in the comments. I’ll answer it for you. Or, we can catch up on a call again. What do you say?

A:Thank you so much, ma’am. This is unbelievable. Really didn’t expect this.
I:I’m glad that you’re happy.

A:I thought you wouldn’t connect on call. Maybe you’d just reply to the comments. I thought that’d be it.
I:No. No. I wanted to connect with you directly. One on one. So, go out there and show your confidence. You’re talking to someone else? You’re back? Okay.

A:-My brother says hi. Come. Come. Come. It’s okay. He didn’t believe me when I said I was talking to you. Said I was just bluffing. He’s my elder brother.
I:Anyway, say hi to your brother for me.

Akhila’s brother(B)::Hello, ma’am.
I:Hi!Hi…-Hello!Do you believe her now?

B:How are you, ma’am?
I:I’m good. How are you?

B:Fine, ma’am.
I:Okay. Wonderful! So, your sister… she’s going to totally transform from now. She’s already special, of course.

B:Thank you, ma’am. Thank you for talking to us, ma’am.
I:Thank you. Nice meeting you. So great! Akhila… you know what to do now, right? Oh, she can’t hear me.

A:Okay, ma’am. I can hear you now.
I:So, Akhila…

A:Yes, ma’am.

I:It was great catching up with you. We’re going to take all the necessary action steps for your confidence, okay? Alright then.
A:Talking to you was such a confidence boost. It’s all thanks to you.

I:Great!Super. Let’s catch up. Write to me in the comments. Finish all those snacks that your mom made. Eat on my behalf as well.
A:I saved some for you, actually.

I:Really? Send them to me. Thank you, Akhila. Bye!
A:Thank you so much, ma’am.

I:Thank you!