Manjula Ghattamaneni

How to Improve Your Immune System by Prioritizing Your Mental Health

Published by PGT on

Our body and mind are not two separate entities, but rather one and the same. While focusing on food and exercise is essential for maintaining a strong immune system, ignoring the impact of our mental state is an incomplete approach. Research has demonstrated that negative emotions and stress can weaken our immunity, while positive emotions and a healthy mental state can boost it.

Personal experiences have also demonstrated the mind-body connection. Stress from exam preparation led to measles and tension before a tennis match resulted in a fever. Similarly, negative emotions have often led to weakened immunity and illness.

To maintain physical immunity, it is vital to assess our emotional and mental state. Factors such as emotional strength, the frequency of negative emotions, and the ability to come out of negative thoughts impact our immunity. Introspection and awareness are necessary to remove negative thoughts and emotions from our minds, just like we remove dirt from our bodies.

Awareness is a powerful tool that enables us to handle negative thoughts and emotions effectively. By becoming aware of our emotions and acknowledging them, we gain power over them. Practicing awareness can help to transform our approach to negative emotions and thoughts and ultimately make us stronger and healthier.

In conclusion, to improve our immunity, we must consider our mental state and emotional well-being as an integral part of our overall health. By practicing awareness and cultivating positive emotions, we can enhance our immunity and lead healthier lives.