Meditation is a great tool to calm the mind and experience inner peace. It brings several benefits to us like stress relief, relaxation, better levels of immunity, etc. So, how to meditate? To know how to meditate, watch the below video.

Video Transcript

Today, let’s discuss the spiritual level. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Prayers and meditation are very important aspects of our life.

If you have faith in God, prayer helps you a lot. Whether you call it God or Universal Energy or anything else, prayer is very effective. Prayers give you comfort – the comfort that you are in safe hands and that divine is looking after you. Pray not just for us or our family members,  but pray for everyone. Pray for the health of everyone. We are all connected. We are one.

Meditation is an excellent tool and now we need it very much. I will share a very small and very effective meditation. We can do this at any time. Sit cross-legged on the floor with the spine straight. If it is tough for you to sit on the floor, you can sit in a chair but make sure to keep your spine straight.

Think of any loving moment like any joyful moment, any happy moment. Place your hand on your heart and feel the happy moment. And then our heart center opens up. And after that, you can just keep your hand on your crown. And thank God. And have gratitude for all the blessings. And just feel the crown. Once you open up your heart and crown, close your eyes. Just for a moment, do deep breathing for a few seconds and relax.

Then visualize a small beautiful Earth in front of you and feel the love in your heart and blessings so that you are connected to the divine. And visualize the small earth in front of you. And in the blessing position, just send lots and lots of love and peace and health to your locality. Send love and peace to your city. Send love, peace to your state. Send love, peace to your country. Send love, peace to the entire world. Send lots of love, peace, happiness, health to us, to everyone in the whole world. Visualize every person being healthy, being happy.

Every being across the world is filled with good health, prosperity, happiness, and happiness throughout the world. Just visualize sending love, health and happiness through your hands, your heart, and your crown. Just sending love to the whole earth. Feel it. Be with it.

Close your eyes for a few seconds. After that, just pray to God for all the blessings. This particular meditation is so effective. When we send good wishes and love, it always comes back to us. We are one. Please don’t think what difference my small prayers will make in this world. Everything will count. It will all add up. And our whole earth will be healed after sending love.

Just send lots and lots of love to our mother earth. Rejuvenate our mother earth with lots of health, with good air, water. Send lots of loving energy to mother earth, Bless mother earth. Mother earth will bless us back. She will take care of us. That is the nature’s law – as simple as that.

It’s a very powerful technique. It’s a very powerful meditation. Let’s practice it every day. See the benefits.

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These are the tips to boost your immunity. Please follow the safety measures and precautions recommended by doctors and also, let’s build our immunity and work on our lifestyle. Make these tips part of your daily routine.

Stay health. Stay happy. Stay strong. Wish you and the family and the whole world lots of peace and good health.