This is a conversation between Sandhya and me on targeted weight loss

Sandhya(S): Hello. Oh, my god! I didn’t know this was one on one.
I thought it would be a group session.

I:No. I wanted to meet Sandhya one on one. I don’t want a group session.
I’m so excited! I want to talk to you.
S:This is a fan moment for me. You know, I’m happily telling you this.
Few years back, when I was going through something, I watched this movie called Show…and that is how I got to know you for the first time. I saw you during the movie promotions. You were making a film with just two people.
Super Star Krishna’s daughter was the star of the film. I was wondering, how do they make a movie with two people? How can they keep it engaging for so long? That was one film that I watched curiously. And since then, I’ve been watching all your talk shows and interviews. And, I follow you on Instagram. Since the time I saw you in that film to your recent pictures that you’ve posted with Jahnavi, you look the same, I don’t know how.

I:Such sweet nice words!
S:No. No. No. It’s a fan moment for me. I’m so excited! I can’t put it in words.
I’m excited to catch up with you!

I:So, Sandhya, tell me. What’s your question?
S:My question is, you’re talking about weight loss a lot these days.
So, I have a baby boy. He’s 2 years old now. Okay. I don’t find targeted weight loss possible. I tried gym, a proper diet. But, when I start losing weight, that shows in my face as well. When I try something, my face starts looking drained out. How do I lose the post partum belly without affecting my face structure? Maybe fat in my thighs. Is targeted weight loss possible?
And, how do I do it?

I:See, I’ll tell you something. There is nothing like targeted weight loss, okay? So, what actually is targeted weight loss? Many people think spot reduction is a thing. Body is an overall thing, okay? We assume we could
consume whatever we feel like, skip cardio and just target a certain area during the workout…move accordingly to burn fat in just that spot. It doesn’t work like that, Sandhya, okay?

So, what happens is, to be honest with you, if we take good care of ourselves, pregnancy weight wouldn’t even be a problem. You know what I mean? Naturally itself, our body retains its old shape. Many at times, we women tend to blame pregnancy. ‘Oh, I had a child, you know.’ ‘I’m a mother of two, you know.’ ‘We’ll see how fit you’ll be after having a baby.’
That’s not right. Poor little babies are not the cause of our weight gain, okay? You can actually come back. But, the problem is….We eat well when we’re pregnant, which is good. You need good nutrition. But, most women also consume junk during this time. They have a lot of cravings. People around push them to eat frequently. So, we end up eating a lot of junk as well.

This habit continues later on. But, you’re supposed to eat nutritious. Then automatically, body will come back to its normal weight. One more thing is..For you to lose weight, whether in your tummy area or thighs, you have to do cardio. Cardio is excellent for any kind of fat burn in the body. You can reduce a lot with cardio. There are three important factors, okay?

You need cardio. You need strength training. And you need something like yoga for flexibility, for suppleness of the body. These three factors are really important. You need these three forms of workout. And the biggest thing,
more than workout is food. It’s really important.

I understand. I hear you. I know I have a child. I know how it is after pregnancy. So, I completely resonate with you. So, what you can do for a quick transformation is, try cutting out on grains. Like rice, for example. We consume it in large amounts. You should do the opposite. Lots of veggies and little rice. We do exactly the opposite in our culture. We eat more rice with very little veggies. Try cutting that out, okay?

You’ll see a lot of difference. But, eat a small portion. Eat more veggies before your meal. That way, your stomach is already full, in turn making you eat less. So, try doing that. But make sure you eat really good food. And, exercise should be accompanied by good, nutritious food. Make sure your food is good. I don’t know how your diet is, or how healthy you are.
You’re ready for exercise, only if you’re eating good food. Otherwise, your body will only deplete sooner.

S:How long should an ideal workout last? Because like I was
telling you, I wanted to workout. But, I couldn’t do it for a longer period.
Half an hour is the maximum time because I have low BP. If I get too
tired, it affects the rest of my day. How far do you recommend
taking multi-vitamin on a daily basis?
I:Yes. Yes. I’m all for multi-vitamins. Take a very good multi-vitamin, which is natural based, doesn’t have too much of binders and preservatives. I’ll try and recommend good multi-vitamins in the description below. Let me check what’s available in India. I’ll give you one in the link below. I’ll do a little homework for you, okay? Because what I take is not from here. So, let me see. I’m all for multi-vitamin. Please take your multi-vitamin. But, understand multi-vitamin is only the supplement. Those can never replace the good food that you eat. Don’t substitute your meals wit multi-vitamins is what I’m saying. That is only a top-up, okay?

Your child is only 2 years old. You’re in the post-natal phase. It’s only been 2 years since you delivered. Your body still needs a lot of good food and nutrition, okay? So, multi-vitamin is only a top up. It doesn’t count. You need to eat very well – Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe snacks in intervals. Lot of fresh food. Don’t eat processed food. No BP for your age.

I’m sorry. That’s not normal. I’m going to start lecturing you now. What are you eating? How is your lifestyle? No! No! Next time I catch up with you, you have to tell me that your low BP is gone. You must reverse it naturally, okay? Otherwise, I’m going to just scold you and then bring you back.
See, what I’m saying is it means that you’ve been negligent with something. If something is going wrong in our body… So, don’t take your body for granted. Don’t push it beyond the limit. It’s trying its best. But, make sure you’re eating very well. Make sure you’re resting very well. What you could do with your workout is, because you have low BP…don’t overdo it, okay?
What I would suggest is, eat very good food. And, cut out on too much of grains.

I:Are you a vegetarian?

I:Okay, do you eat egg?
S:Yeah. Boiled egg.

I:Very good! Eat your boiled eggs. Make sure you have lots of good fats like ghee, coconut oil. You need your protein, carbohydrates and fats. For carbs, try and eat moong dal dosa. Instead of rice, go for other good protein options. Tofu and Panneer is also good stuff. Don’t drink milk. It’s not good for you. Eat curd if you want. All of us are lactose intolerant. It is really bad.
Anyway, I’m making a lot of videos regarding that. But, I want to give you the tips so that you can start working.

S:I had this coffee addiction and I had to get rid of it.
I:Yeah, not a big fan of coffee. It’s highly stimulating for your body. You feel jittery and have a disturbed sleep. Even if you drink it in the afternoon, the effect lasts for 12 hours. Moreover, coffee is absolutely bad for your low BP. Have green tea, okay? Have lots of ginger tea. Keep sipping on it, Drink lots of water.

Reverse all these things. Eat well. Rest well. Move throughout the day. When you start getting your strength back, start exercising lightly, okay? Because you have low BP, heavy cardio is also not suggestible. Start with yoga, okay? Yoga. Pilates. Little bit of strength training and cardio. It’s an overall process. There’s no spot reduction. Work on your overall body. Food is the most important thing. Eat well. No junk. No processed stuff.

S:I’ve reduced a lot, but the thing is few parts, I don’t know how to get rid of that fat. Like, lower belly fat.
I:I know. I know what you mean. Those trouble areas for you, that will go only with good food. I’m telling you. Eat the right kind of food. Do this change and let me know. We can keep interacting in the comments as well. Do this change. You haven’t done this, is it? Just do this. Cut your rice. Eat all the other good protein. Increase your protein and good fats content.

Eat more veggies for carbohydrates. Like, sweet potato. And, even moong dal dosa has got good carbs. So, don’t leave out anything. Your baby’s still too young. You’re still too young. You need to balance all three. Yeah? Let’s see how it goes. Take one step at a time. Also, have positive thoughts. I told you, remember? What you want? Why you want it? Create a vision. Write an affirmation. Be clear as to what you want. Then you’ll go out there and create that.