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So, what do you think of my dad’s habits? Great, right? All I have to do is follow them. Dad’s primary focus was never weight loss. He focused on health, on over-all wellbeing. And that helps you lose weight automatically. Whether you like it or not when we focus on over-all wealth, losing weight is a by-product. It will happen naturally. That’s the biggest thing that I noticed.

When I saw dad, I thought these diets and strict calorie restrictions are all temporary. If you want to bring a long-term lifestyle change, a permanent one, what we need to do is work on our over-all wellbeing. And dad was a perfect example of that. His mind, body and spirit were in alignment, you know. His emotions and thoughts were so positive which were making him so happy and fulfilled.

When we lead a happy and fulfilled life our body is automatically in balance with our emotions and thoughts. And I noticed that his life was not about…Some people focus entirely on work and neglect their body. Or they neglect their family. Or they won’t have a connect with themselves. They don’t pray.

But dad could balance all categories of his life. His personal life, his work…His connect with God… When you have balanced all these things you will be a very happy and fulfilled person. When we achieve this alignment it’s impossible to be overweight. He had such great habits. He had a fantastic morning ritual. A divine connect through his prayers. He had movement throughout the day. Eating only homemade meals…Spending time with kids…He felt such joy when he was with us. I could just see that happiness in his eyes. And then, he’d hang out with friends. He’s so fulfilled in his work.

Whoever asks for help, he comes forward. So much of kindness and compassion. So much gratitude when he spends time with his fans. His life principles were this. The great qualities of a great person like gratitude, compassion, joy, love…All these things are the most important factors for weight loss. Without this, the body cannot be in alignment.

When we balance all these categories, we balance our body automatically. This is my father’s mantra, which I learnt. Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions…they have great effect on our body, for sure. When we have negative emotions no matter how clean we eat, it’s a waste. When you eat with fear, even a salad will make you fat.

What I noticed in dad was he has this amazing relationship with food. He enjoys it. Whatever the dish is, he’s not afraid of calories or gaining weight. He enjoys his food. It’s because of this that he eats in limit. When you don’t have these fears you can happily enjoy your meal. He sits down and eats everything he likes. Curries, ghee, rice, etc. He has what you call a proper meal.

What I realized is…that negative factor which instils the fear in you about food…that will never work out for you. One of the things that I picked up from dad is – Don’t have fear. Fear and food don’t go together, okay? Eat properly without fear. Have a positive relationship with food.

So, what are my action steps?

The first thing is to have a good meal plan. I made sure this had more of vegetables, fruits and green smoothies. Good old warm homemade food. And then, it was exercise. Under this, you need all three, okay? Strength Training, Yoga and Cardio. I made sure these three were included in my exercise. Third thing was meditation. One of the main things that I noticed was…When we feel stressed…despite our good habits, we’ll start putting on weight. Stress is a big no-no in our life. Meditation really helps with that.

Wondering how meditation and weight loss are connected? It’s a strong connection, in fact. Unless your mind is calm and you’re peaceful there is no way you can achieve your ideal weight. And also you tend to get pissed off rather easily. You have certain fears in regards to what you can and cannot eat. Meditation will take care of all that. So, meditate. Therefore, I’ve planned my action steps.

Now, I want to listen to your action steps. You stuck this poster. I don’t know which poster it is. You know, it doesn’t matter. But, you should be inspired. That’s important. So, you stuck the poster. You know what you want. You have your vision. Your goal is set. Then, you worked on your ‘Why’. ‘Why’ do you want a great body? What is your emotional connect? If you don’t achieve that how much pain and suffering are you going to feel? Your ‘Why’ and your emotional connect…You’ve worked that out.

Superb! So you know what you want. You have your ‘Why’. Now, you’re absolutely ready for action steps. What are your action steps? Are you going to start working out? Are you going to eat right? Yoga, Walk or whatever it may be…Something appropriate and which fits into your busy lifestyle. Don’t say that you haven’t got the time for it.

Please. There cannot be anything more important than working out. Make the time. It’s worth it. Because we can’t do anything in life if we aren’t healthy. So, are you ready for your action steps? Please write them down. Send it to me. I’d love to read it. Also, I was thinking that you’ve got your vision ready. Your ‘Whys’ have been listed.

And your action steps, which you’re going to do now. So, I thought let’s catch up on a LIVE chat. In the next video, let’s catch up with your vision, whys and the action steps.

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Super! So, let’s catch up soon! Bye!!!