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Merry Christmas

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Hi! Merry Christmas!

I just finished decorating my tree. This is my beautiful tree. Christmas is all about Santa. Fun… Joy… Gifts…Yes! Gifts! I love gifts! Do you wish to receive a lot of gifts? There is a secret to it. The secret of giving! It is in giving that we receive.

If you want to receive gifts, gift things to others. If you want to receive love, spread love. If you want material prosperity, so be it. Whatever you give is what you receive 10 times more. That is the divine law.

It feels good to receive gifts. But giving gifts feel much better. I learnt this from my dad. Let’s share a gift with someone. It could be your family member, friend or relative. It could even be domestic help. Let’s experience the magic of being a Santa to someone.

Alright. We’re going to go and distribute our gifts. What do you say? Come.

Hello!!! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! -Wish you the same. Here you go. Here. This is for you. Happy? Who am I? Santa! Say it. Saroja, come here. Sulochana! She loves to be on YouTube. It is her dream! Come on, Sulochana. Your YouTube dream has come true. You’re on Social Media. Come on.

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to you guys! So, it is in giving that we receive. Merry Christmas again!

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