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Are you overweight?

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought you’re out of shape? That you’ve become really fat? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. At one point of time, I was really fat. Wondering how I could put on weight? Let me explain. I’ll share my complete weight loss journey with you.

I don’t have a tendency to put on weight. I’d eat whatever I like and still stay slim. My siblings used to be so jealous, you know. So jealous that they’d say, ‘She eats whatever she wants. So lucky!’ The fact that I had my dad’s genes made them so jealous. So, I was like, blessed in a way. I was eating everything and maintaining my weight.

One day, one of our family friends paid a visit. She hadn’t seen us in a really long time. As soon as she saw all of us, she said ‘How come you all put on so much weight? Look at Manju.  She looks so slim and pretty. Hey, Manju! Dieting, huh?’, she said. And I was just smiling at her.

Mahesh got really irritated. He said, ‘Dieting, my foot! She eats whatever she wants.’ He tried to be polite about it and walked out of there. Auntie then looked at Bulli. She said, ‘What happened to you? You’ve put on so much weight.’ Bulli kept looking at her with a puppy face. My elder brother and sister didn’t want any part of that. So, they gave some excuse and took Bulli out of there. I knew they were all pretty annoyed. And I was like, ‘You guys deserve this’ because they’re always making fun of me.

And when this auntie complimented me so much, I was super happy that it pissed them off. Later, I sat down with her and had a good time. I love that auntie. Like Mahesh said I didn’t have a tendency to put on weight, you know. I’d eat whatever I wanted to. I didn’t know what dieting meant. I didn’t even know what it was.

Until… one day! And I will tell you that story.

So, I was done with college. Feeling this pseudo sense of freedom after college I started waking up late. And when we’re home, there’s so much access to food. So we keep popping something into our mouth. And there was no sort of movement in my life. In college and school, there was so much movement, like sports. Like, I was playing tennis and table tennis. I mean, there was so much activity. But, ever since college was over, I was at home.

No movement plus hogging. Waking up late. I don’t know what. Maybe it was the combination. I slowly started putting on weight. I hadn’t noticed that. My family hadn’t either. Catch my siblings keeping quiet. They would’ve ragged me to death. Bah! Siblings can be so brutal.

Anyway, so, I didn’t realize it. Then, I met this college friend. It was after really long. So, the minute she laid eyes on me, she went like ‘Hey! What happened to you? How come you’ve put on so much weight? What happened to your hour-glass figure?’, she said.

For a second, I was like really taken aback. What a rude thing to say! And she’s such a mean girl. Was the same in college. Like, she was one of those mean girls. So, I was like, you know what? I don’t believe you. And, hour-glass figure? Really? Why didn’t you tell me during college that I had an hour-glass figure? She never complimented me.

So, I didn’t believe her, you know. I just brushed it off. As soon as I got home that day her words kept repeating in my head. I was trying to distract myself but, those words ‘You’ve become so fat!’, ‘You’ve become so fat!’ were just hitting me. And then, I looked at myself in the mirror. And, she was right. I did put on weight. That was a reality check.

And I was shocked. I put on weight? Really? With my great genes! That made me really upset because for the first time in my life I was tackling this. I didn’t know how to face it because I didn’t have this problem. And suddenly, this thing was there in front of me.

From there, I really worked on my body and lost all the weight. Yes! I was back to my original weight. And from that day till today I’m maintaining the same weight. Well, one kilo here and there especially during the mango season. I love mangoes, you know. Or if I go on a vacation. But, maximum 1-2 kilos only. Not more than that. I’ve been maintaining the same weight.

I know what you’re thinking. Wondering how I lost all that weight? You’re very curious. Well, it’s my secret which I will happily share with you. These are my own experiences. My story. My journey. It has definitely helped me. I’m hoping, and I’m sure that it will help you also.

Why I’m calling this a journey is it’s a process. There are no quick fixes, okay? Losing weight overnight only happens in the movies. Not in real life. So, it’s a process. And, we have to work with it. I want to share how I worked with my body. Take you through this journey.

I’m just hoping it will help you. Let’s do the whole weight loss journey together. I will be doing a series of videos on this topic because like I told you, it’s a process. It’s a journey. It’s one whole story.

So, you’ll have to follow all the videos. And I’d encourage you to watch all the videos one after the other. In case you feel like you’ve missed anything, don’t worry. Each video by itself is complete. But it’ll be better if you can go back, watch the prior videos and come back because it’s like a series, you know.

That will help you to understand the whole journey. What I want to tell you is this is my experience, my journey. It has worked for me. And I’m sure it will work for you. I can guarantee your weight loss.

But… But… Here is the trick, okay? You will have to follow and take action.

Alright? Okay? Are you ready to join me in this weight loss journey? Yes! I knew it! Let’s do it together. It’s so much fun when we do it together.