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My weight loss journey

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After a point in my life….as a Producer, Director and Actor…I was like, what next? I have achieved everything I had to. Then I was just wondering, what next? And, suddenly I just realized how much life has given me. I mean, it has been so wonderful. Life has given me so much!

And suddenly, I had this urge to, you know, this irresistible urge to give back to the world. And I realized my true purpose is contribution.

I have learned many things in life with all its ups and downs. My teachers and masters have taught me many things. I was like, what if I could do the same for you? What if I could share with you all that I have learnt? And contribute to your happiness?

That’s when I launched my own YouTube channel Manjula Ghattamaneni and my own website I am expressing my ideas and thoughts through videos and blogs. I increased my social media presence for you.

Actually, I am quite shy and a private person. I am slightly uncomfortable with sharing things about myself. And, it was a difficult thing for me. But what I have realized is life has given me certain experiences just so that I can share it with you, just so that I can inspire you, just so that I can shorten the learning curve for you. These experiences and learnings were not meant to be kept with me. But, they were meant to be shared with you.

That’s why I share with you, what I share every single day through my posts. I have decided to give. I have decided to contribute. But I did not expect to be showered with such joy and blessings.

Thank you so much for all your love and support. I couldn’t have done it without you. I have something very exciting coming up on my birthday. That is on November 8th.

You know, health and fitness have always been a very big priority in my life. I think this was after college, okay. I had put on a lot of weight. And, that really troubled me because, I don’t have the tendency to put on weight. All my brothers and sisters would be so jealous of me that I don’t put on weight no matter how much I eat, that I am so lucky and got dad’s genes. They used to be really jealous of me all the time.

I was so happy being compared to dad. So, I never even thought that I could put on weight. And suddenly, I started putting on weight. I really became fat! And, I’ve been through a lot. After that, I worked really hard on myself and lost all that weight. Well, it was a process. It did not happen overnight.

And, I have shared this journey on my YouTube channel Manjula Ghattamaneni. It is a series of weight loss videos and, I shared the whole journey.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt that you’re in bad shape?

Then, I saw Cindy Crawford’s picture. It was a picture in a bikini. It was the most perfect body. I looked at that picture and I was like…

When we start to feel stressed, no matter how many good habits we make, we’ll start putting on weight. Stress is a…

I’ve shared everything that I’ve learned over the years – My journey, my story, all my secrets…I’ve shared what I eat. You know, food is a very important aspect. We are what we eat.

But it’s so difficult to find pure, organic food most of the time. So, I’ve decided to make it easy for you and me by launching my own food products. I want to start so many food products. But, to start off, I’m launching cold-pressed oils, Apple Cider Vinegar, Ghee and Rose Water.

These are all the products that I loved and used personally. I don’t endorse or talk about products that I don’t believe in. Please do visit and Manjula Ghattamaneni YouTube channel for the products and the whole series of weight loss videos.

I’m sure you’ll love it.I can’t wait for you to check it out. So, please be tuned in and I’m going to catch you on November 8th.

Yeah, bye!

“Manjula has started her own website called and Also her own YouTube channel. She hopes to do good and pass a message to the society. She’s highly determined about it. I strongly wish that her website becomes a success and brings her good name. Wish you all the best, Manju. Thank you very much.” – Superstar Krishna garu