Nature and me

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When I think of nature, I automatically get a smile. I love nature. Nature is very special to me. There is a close connection between me and nature. Since my childhood, I was always surrounded by nature wherever I went or lived. I did not plan it. It just happened. There is always a lot of greenery, huge trees, and nature close to me.

My childhood and mango tree: When I was a child, I used to climb trees and enjoyed it. We had a big mango tree in our home, and our neighbour aunty, too, had a huge mango tree. In the afternoons, my friend and I used to go to our neighbour auntie’s home, climb this huge mango tree and lie down in the branches. I can’t tell you how good it felt. The branch felt like a mother’s lap – so secured and soothing. After some time, we used to pluck some mangoes and run while aunty used to chase us. We were really naughty. And it’s funny how even though I had a mango tree, neighbour auntie’s mangoes tasted yummier to me, and it felt like an adventure to pluck the mangoes from her tree. The little joys of childhood 😊

My school days: The urge to spend time with trees and nature was in me right since my childhood. I studied at Vidyodaya school in Chennai. In school, we had big mango trees, tamarind trees, and many more trees. During intervals, I used to climb these trees and pick the tamarind leaves tamarind, and just be there. I went to school early to be with these trees. I had lunch with my friends under these trees.

After school, when my car used to come to pick me up, I used to make the driver wait and spend some time under the trees. It made me feel refreshed. I did not know why I loved spending time with trees. It was a calling. It was the most natural thing for me to do. No logic was needed to spend time in nature.

At home: At home, we had many trees, and my mom loved plants. We had a huge beautiful garden., a lot of grass and so many plants. My mom used to plant vegetable plants and flowers. Flowers are seasonal like jasmine, December. There was so much of nature all around me all through my childhood.

As a kid, I did not wear any footwear much. I was all the time barefoot – walking, running, climbing trees. As kids, we used to play outdoors. We spent a lot of time outside home playing. Only for sleeping and classes, we were indoors. Spending time in the garden was wonderful. Just being around nature made me feel so good. I was very much in nature.

My learning: As I grew up, I became more aware and conscious of my connection with nature. I realized how awesome it is. I became aware of the many benefits of spending time in nature. I learned that trees carry a lot of pranas, and spending time with trees and nature rejuvenates us. This was an amazing insight. And what amazes me greatly is even without knowing the benefits of spending time in nature, I got an opportunity to spend a lot of my time in nature. Sitting under the trees, climbing them, walking barefoot – all these are ways to absorb a lot of prana into the system, and I was doing it naturally without knowing. This is a great gift I received.

I feel huge trees that have existed for years carry divine essence in them. When I walk near such trees, I feel a huge surge of energy and feel refreshed in a few minutes. When I hug a tree, it’s an amazing feeling. The beautiful mother tree transforms my energies and refreshes me. If you never hugged a tree, you are missing something amazing that life offers 😊

Many benefits I gained: When I am exhausted or tired mentally or physically, I just go and sit under a tree. I do my deep breathing, and within seconds, I experience the difference in me. I can see a huge change in my mood.

If I do my breathing exercise and meditation under a tree, that makes a huge difference to me. One such session keeps me rejuvenated for a week. Imagine what would happen if you practice this every day. Maybe, this could be one reason why Gautam Buddha sat under a tree and meditated.

I have this beautiful tamarind tree and peepal tree in my home. I spend my mornings and evenings under them. Sometimes I read my book there or take my laptop and work there. It’s like my outdoor office. Sometimes, I work out there. Every single day, I spend time in nature. A big chunk of my day is spent in nature.

Grass under my foot and tree above my head – I love it. I have gained so much by spending time in mother nature. Research says spending time in nature boosts our happiness, and I have experienced this hundred of times in my life.

I have also noticed that when I am in connection with nature, I am connected better to myself and my present moment awareness is deeper. When things are overwhelming and troubling, it all becomes easier when I spend time in nature. My thoughts and emotions calm down with the magical touch of mother nature.

Mother nature: I feel mother nature is there looking after us, inviting us, wanting to take care of us, wanting to communicate with us. She is like a mother waiting and giving us lots of love. I feel nature is continuously communicating with us through her colours, seasons, fruits, vegetables, birds. Colour green itself is life rejuvenation and soothing.

I feel trees and nature around us know everything about us. They are friendly, warm, and inviting. But many of us don’t bother and ignore this beautiful aspect of life. We don’t take much notice of the nature around us because we are lost in the hurriedness of life.

It would be awesome if we connect with mother nature and receive all her beauty, love, energy. It makes us healthy and wise. We become younger and happier. Spending time in nature fills us with joy and peace.

Love you, mother nature!

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