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Technology and new normalcy

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new normalcy

The other day, I had a work-related meeting with my associates in Mumbai. It was an important meeting. In times before coronavirus and new normalcy, my husband Sanjay and I would have gone to Mumbai and attended this meeting in person. Now, due to the lock down and everything going on, we attended this important meeting right from the comfort of our homes using technology. I was a bit apprehensive as to how meeting would go but meeting went pretty well. We had a great discussion and nowhere, we felt inconvenient due to using technology. The whole experience amazed me.

If we had to attend this meeting physically, it would have been a tiresome experience. Sanjay and I would need to wake up at 4:30 AM and catch an early morning flight. We will miss spending time with our daughter Jaanu. I will miss my meditation. I will be eating some outside food which might not be as good and healthy as homemade food. We will reach home late in the night, pretty exhausted. It takes 2 to 3 days to recover from this travel due to lack of sleep and proper food.

Now, thanks to technology, we happily attended the meeting from the comfort of our home without disturbing our daily life. We could spend time with Jaaanu. I watched Sunrise, did my meditation and my morning ritual. No time was spent on travel. I could eat homemade food. And still, the same end results are achieved using technology.

Technology always existed, but I feel we did not use technology efficiently earlier. The new normalcy forced us to embrace technology and use it better. It made us innovative and helped us become more resourceful. This new normalcy is simplifying our lives, saving energy, time and money and helping us achieve our goals.

Welcome to new normalcy!

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