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Self Healing: Can it really happen?

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Self Healing

Can our body heal itself without any medicines? Is self healing really possible, or is it an imagination? Before I answer these questions, let me share with you an incident from my life.

What my movie shooting taught me about healing: I was shooting for a movie in Ooty. The movie was Summer in Bethlehem. On one of the days, in the morning, I woke up to a very bad stomach ache. I needed to get ready and report to shooting by 8 AM. My makeup guys were waiting for me. It was an important day. There were people like Jaya Ram, Manju Warrier, Suresh Gopi on the sets, and it was a major combination shooting that day. I had no choice but to show up, and I had this pain. It was early morning, and I did not have any tablets. I did not know what to do.

Experiences with my granny: Then I remembered my granny. In my childhood, whenever we were sick with stomach aches or pains or fever, our granny used to take us to Ganesha temple and put the Vibhuthi on us. And believe me or not, we used to be healed. In the middle of the night, suddenly we kids used to get some earache or cough or some such kind of illness. Our granny used to take us to Ganesh temple at midnight, and we used to become well when she applied vibhuthi on us. When I had ear pain in childhood, my granny used to take Tulsi Leaf, chant the mantra ‘Sri Rama’, and apply this juice to my ear. And magic, my pain went away. There were many such instances of divine healing I experienced in my childhood.

A miracle: Remembering my granny, I just prayed to Lord Ganesha and placed my hands on the stomach. I lay down and rested. I continued praying to Lord Ganesha for 15 minutes. I don’t know what happened in these 15 minutes, but after this, my pain was gone completely. I could go to my shooting and complete it as expected.

Self healing capability of the body: This was my first experience with self healing. When it happened, I did not recognize it or take a note of it. I moved on with life and its busy happenings. After many years, I learned formally in the Pranic Healing course that our body has the ability to heal itself. This course taught me in detail about the several principles of self healing and helped me understand that what my granny did was divine healing. I was amazed that my granny was practicing divine healing all her life.

Our body is intelligent: So, my experience in life taught me that our body can heal itself without medicines. Our body is intelligent, and it is designed to heal itself. I think many of you, too, might have experienced the self healing power of your body. Like for example, when you had a cut or a small burn, it gets healed even when you don’t apply any medicine. This is because of the self healing capability of the human body. Self healing is a very natural phenomenon.

But because of so many things in life like stress, poor eating habits, negative emotions, and thoughts, we are not in tune with nature, and our body cannot heal itself in all the cases. Hence, we end up needing medical help. But when we learn to be in tune with nature, our body can heal itself. And this view is supported by Hippocrates too.

Hippocrates words on self healing: Hippocrates was an ancient Greek physician who is considered as the Father of Western Medicine. He taught that the body has the ability to heal itself, and doctors should work with this self-healing capability of the body. These were his words – “it is the self healing powers of the human organism, the inner physician, which must always be consulted in the diagnosis and treatment of sickness.” 

So, all of us have the inner physician within us who can heal us, and our job is to let this physician do the work. How to do that?

How to boost self healing capability: One of the wonderful methods to boost our self healing capability is white light meditation. Below are the steps of doing white light meditation.

  1. Complete blessing meditation. You can find this meditation here.
  2. Pray to the divine.
  3. Visualize white light flowing entering into the crown chakra on your head. (Yogic system says we are more than our physical body. We have an invisible body called the energy body or Pranamaya Kosha, and this has chakras in it. As per yoga, our chakras control our body. For crown chakra, you can visualize a white lotus or a white hat on your head).
  4. Visualize this white light is entering into all your body parts like head, face, neck, chest, backside of your body, stomach, legs, and hands.
  5. Feel the inner peace and be in this white light for a few moments.
  6. End with gratitude to the divine.

This is a great meditation to boost our self healing capability. I do this practice 4 to 5 times a week to recharge myself and de-stress regularly. I end my meditations with white light meditation, and this gives me so much energy and strength.

There are many more methods to boost our self-healing power like Pranic Healing, spending time in nature, eating the right foods that heal our body, meditation, yoga, etc. So, choose any practice which appeals to you and nurture the self healing power in you.

Wish you and your family health and peace!

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