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Superstar’s 3 time-management secrets

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Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else – Peter Drucker

Are you running late to your office, meetings, gym? Struggling to keep up your appointments? I hear you. I know what you are going through. What you need is time-management. Why don’t you let superstar himself help you manage your time? In this article, I am going to share with you 3 time-management secrets of a superstar. When you practice these, you become a pro in managing your time and you will never have to rush again to any meeting.

Importance of time-management

Did you know that a superstar who is busy with movie shoots for 16 hours per day is always punctual? Yes, I am talking about my dad. He, being a superstar, acted in hundreds of movies. In his heyday, he used to work 16 hours per day and was quite busy. But surprisingly, he always had time for his family. He kept his commitments and was available for his shootings and meetings as per schedule. Even today, he keeps up his commitments to the dot. How can he, in spite of being so busy, could be present for everything that is important to him? It is because of his ability to manage time well. And before I reveal his 3 personal secrets, which helped him manage time better, let us see why it is important to have this skill.

All of us have only 24 hours in a day. Whether we are a CEO or a student or a professional or a homemaker, we get the same 24 hours in a day. Nowadays, everyone seems to be busy and is in a kind of hurry. They are in a never-ending state of running and chasing. As part of my work, I meet various people, and I notice that, in spite of all the running and hurry, very few of them maintain punctuality. Many of the people come late to meetings, and they seem to be struggling to manage their lives. When I see this, I think of my father.

I marvel at his time-management skills. Being a superstar, he can come late, and no one will even question him. But not once did he do that. He lives in a beautiful rhythm and efficiently manages his schedule. His lifestyle inspired me to manage my life well, be punctual, and respect commitments. If a superstar has no excuses, what excuses can I come up with? None, right.

I learned from dad that respecting another person’s time is important in life. Time is more valuable than money because once it is lost, it cannot be earned. So, we don’t have the right to keep the other person waiting. Making the other person wait for us is an act of disrespect towards the person.

Quality of your life is the sum total of how you manage your time. When we manage our schedules well, we will find it easy to work on fitness, family, work, spirituality. We will be able to keep up our commitments and live a stress-free life. This eventually leads to better work, increased productivity, happy relationships, and gives the luxury of having a ‘me-time.’

My dad’s 3 time-management secrets

So, how could my dad manage his schedule well in spite of being a superstar? Does he have any secrets? He is a simple man who was always in tune with certain principles of life. From what I have observed, here are the 3 secrets that helped him in managing time effectively.

  1. A well-established routine: Dad has created a well-established routine. He wakes up and sleeps at the same time every day. He follows the rhythm of life. When we have a well-defined routine, we are more in control of our day and can manage it better. There are no last-minute changes in plans or sudden surprises. Having a routine helps us become more reliable and well balanced.
  2. Respect: Dad respects everyone around him, and he lives by this principle. His words and actions demonstrate that respect. When we truly respect others, we cannot make anyone wait for us. We will realize that every person has a limited 24 hours in a day. And we become more responsible for our time and the time of others.
  3. Planning: Dad plans his day very well. His planning helped him find time for his fitness, family, friends, fans in spite of shooting every day for 16 hours. When we plan well, it becomes easy to have control over time and focus on the right priorities.

There are some wonderful ways to manage time and make the most out of the 24 hours we get every day.

3 tips that can help you build punctuality

The importance of punctuality is not understood by some of us, and because of it, we miss opportunities in life. Punctuality is essential if we want to succeed in life. Some of us might be struggling to build punctuality. Punctuality is an outcome of excellent time-management skills. So, as a bonus, here are 3 tips for you to make it easier to build punctuality.

  1. Prioritize: We all have many things to do in a day, and it is very easy to be busy doing tasks that don’t help us progress. So, always prioritize your tasks. It is more important to be productive than to be busy. When we prioritize our tasks well, we will automatically become punctual.
  2. Learn to say no: It is very difficult to say no to others, but we need to learn this skill because whenever we say yes to something, we end up saying no to something else. So, before you say yes to something, think if you really want to say yes and if your yes serves your goals. If it does not serve your purpose, respectfully say a no. This skill will help you focus only on those things that matter to you and makes your day more productive.
  3. Stay focussed: This is the age of distraction, and it is very easy to be carried away by social media and the internet. Don’t be carried away and get distracted. Plan some minutes for social media and use them. Keep focussed on your goals and go through your day with a purpose.

These are the 3 tips that help you build punctuality.

So, you have learnt the time-management secrets of a superstar and got 3 more tips as a bonus. Start implementing these tips and you will see your life transformed. You will have time for everything and still be relaxed. Isn’t this amazing? Like anything else, time-management is also a skill that we need to build. Are you interested to learn more about it and build this valuable skill? Check out this fascinating book by Brian Tracy –

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