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The best ghee for health and well-being

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Are you wondering if ghee will make you fat and obese? Are you avoiding ghee? Then, it’s time to bust some myths about ghee. Since ages, ghee is an important aspect of Indian cuisine. It was liberally used in the kitchens and served lavishly in food. But since the last 20 to 30 years, it is labelled as a fattening food. Any person working on weight loss strictly avoided it. What is the truth? In this article, I will share with you the truth of ghee and will also answer questions like – How to identify the genuine ghee out of many brands present in the market? What is the significance of A2 label? And what is the best ghee for health and well-being?

Ghee and weight loss:

Modern science research endorses the usage of ghee for good health. Ghee is considered as a super food which is highly beneficial for weight loss. How does ghee help with weight loss?

In order to burn the fat inside body, we need to consume good fat and ghee is a source of good fat. Ghee not only helps in weight loss but also brings healthy skin, happy joints, excellent digestion, satiety etc. I add lots of ghee in my diet and I can vouch for its many benefits. Ghee is praised in Ayurveda for its rich benefits.

But there is one important point about ghee which you should remember. All these benefits of ghee can be reaped only when the right variant is used. When we use unhealthy or adulterated or wrong variant, we put on weight and our health goes for a toss. So, it is essential and important to use the right type.

What is the right type of ghee?

There are various types of ghee available in market. So, which is the best variant? The quality of ghee depends on the below 3 factors.

  1. Source of ghee
  2. Extraction method
  3. Kind of food fed to the animals

Let’s understand these 3 factors.

  1. Source of ghee: Ghee can be prepared from buffalo milk and cow milk. Cow milk and cow ghee are sattvic in nature and high in nutrition compared to buffalo ghee. Buffalo ghee promotes weight gain whereas cow ghee promotes weight loss.  Ayurveda recommends cow ghee and not buffalo ghee because cow ghee brings many benefits like improved digestion, healthy skin, weight loss, boost in immunity, increase in intelligence etc.

Now, in cow ghee, there are 2 types – cow ghee and A2 cow ghee. Which one to choose? A2 is the name of the protein. When cow ghee contains both A1 and A2 proteins or just A1 protein, it is simply called as cow ghee. You will not find A2 label on such variant. A1 protein is found to be a cause of type 1 diabetes, auto immune diseases, digestion issues and is not suitable for human consumption. A2 protein is more suitable for human consumption and it is found in mother’s milk too.

So, we need to choose A2 milk and A2 cow ghee over any other variants.

2. Extraction method: Now, the benefits of A2 cow ghee are also dependent on the process used to extract it. Ghee can be extracted directly from milk or from curd. When it is extracted from milk like it is done in many popular brands available in the market, it cannot be digested well. It is nutritionally low in value when compared to the ghee extracted from curd. In traditional vedic bilona method, milk is first converted to curd and then ghee is extracted from curd. This is the best way to extract ghee

3. Kind of food fed to animals: Ok! so, we now understood that A2 cow ghee made in traditional vedic bilona method is the best. But we should also not forget the third factor – the diet fed to the cows. Many cows are given hormones, plastics and food filled with harmful chemicals. These chemicals eventually end up in milk and ghee as well. So, we should choose only that ghee which is extracted from cows which are fed on organic grass. This ensures that ghee is free from toxic chemicals.

So, when you are buying ghee, look for these 3 factors. If these factors – A2, bilona method, grass-fed cows – are not found on the label of your bottle, it means that these factors are not present and it is not pure organic cow ghee.

Ghee which is A2 , extracted in bilona method and prepared from cows fed on grass, is high in price because it needs more resources and more milk. Gir cow, which gives A2 milk, gives less amount of milk than the cows which give A1 milk. Bilona method needs more quantity of milk than normal method. So, these factors lead to higher prices.

We eat ghee not only for taste but also for its health benefits. If we are serious about gaining the benefits, then we need to go for the right variant. What is the point in using a cheap quality ghee which is poor in nutritional value and get diseases later?

So, be wise and choose the A2 Organic Cow Ghee extracted in bilona method. This is the best variant for weight loss and health.

Where to buy it?

You don’t need to search for it anywhere. I have launched the best variant of ghee on my website to make it easy for health-lovers. Manjula Ghattamaneni store has the A2 cow ghee, made from pure bred Gujrati Gir cows, fed on organic farms. This is extracted in vedic bilona method and you can be assured about the quality and taste. I use this for my personal use. It is delicious and healthy.

So, choose A2 cow ghee, extracted in vedic bilona method. Generously add the right variant of ghee to your diet and reap the many benefits of our ancient superfood. Make it a part of your weight loss journey. Make wise choices in life and stay healthy, stay strong. You can buy the best A2 Ghee here.

Wish you health and happiness!

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