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There are no quick-fixes

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Hi! How’s it going? How’s the weight loss journey coming along? I think it’s going well, right? Thank you so much for all the love and blessings. And for all the good comments. And, not so good comments. I told you already, remember? It’s a process. If we could understand this process and implement it well we could easily achieve what we want.

Mr. Reddy commented ‘I’m getting angry, sister.’ Under this comment, you can see. Miss Narmada Katnam’s comment. She understood this whole process so well that she figured out what her ‘Why’ is. Now, she has an emotional connect with her goal. She will easily achieve whatever she sets her mind to. All the best, Miss Narmada.

You know, I could easily tell you to follow a certain diet and exercise. I could just blurt out advice, okay? But, what is the use? Like Miss Aish Bejinavemula rightly said. Her comment was right on point. You must’ve watched a lot of similar videos on YouTube. You must’ve seen and tried it all, but did it really work? And even if it did, did the results last? No, right? That’s because your weight loss journey is not a superficial thing. It’s a very deep journey, you know.

What I’m trying to do here is I’m trying to pull your vision out. What do you truly desire? And why do you want that? Also, after that we can take the necessary action steps. That is what I’m trying to do in the coming videos. I will be speaking about this in the next couple of videos. How to take action steps? We will come out with a proper plan. But until then please be patient. Because, patience is a virtue, which we should all cultivate.

This is the issue with our modern lives. We want instant gratification. We’re curious to figure out everything instantly. But, please! There are no quick fixes. Instead of someone telling us what to do, if we feel inspired and take responsibility of ourselves and proceed with action that can be very powerful, you know. I’m trying to make you independent where in you can decide what your diet and exercise should be. You know what I mean. That’s what I’m trying to do here.

And it is so nice that this journey I’m taking on, this whole process, it’s been aptly understood by many. Like Mr. Pradeep Kamineni. Miss Lakshmi Seetharam. They could comprehend the whole concept so well that it makes me so excited. I’m sure you will definitely achieve your goal. When you achieve your goal please come and share it with me.

And I think it’s going to rain but it’s okay. Let’s continue, okay? I’m standing in the rain to talk to you guys. So many of you have got the concept down. Like I mentioned earlier. Let me just repeat again. Mr. Pradeep Kamineni. Miss Lakshmi Seetharam. When you achieve your goals please come and share with me. It will be amazing.

Let’s share it in a community. Our community, you know. Let’s create a lovely community where… we can share our journey and success stories, thus helping one another. And create an awesome community. Now we’re talking about weight loss. Next, we can talk about relationships, money, finance, our purpose. So many things to talk about, you know.

Let’s create an awesome community which is full of love, compassion, joy and positivity, where we’re there for one another. It’s a life-long process, a life-long journey. I’m willing to commit to you.

Are you? Yes! I knew it! Okay. Let’s take our journey, our relationship to the next level. Let’s get on a live call. Discuss any doubts you have. Answer any questions you might have. Like, you need to check on something or just want to chat with me. Please, just come and catch up with me on a live call.

Many at times, it happens so that, while trying to figure out our purpose , like right now, we’re doing a weight loss journey. We don’t have enough support or community help in that regard. I want to tell you that I’m there for you. So, let’s catch up on a live call.

For this, go to You’ll find a form. Register there. Come up and catch up with me. We can chat. Can’t wait to catch up with you and talk about a whole lot.

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Bye, guys! See you soon!!