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Tips to effectively work from home

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Due to coronavirus pandemic, work from home has become the norm of the day. Its easy to have distractions while we are working from home. So, how to make working from home effective and productive? Watch the below video to learn about the tips to effectively work from home.

Video transcript:


Here are some tips as to how to effectively work from home.

When Jaanu was a toddler, I worked a lot from home. I really enjoyed it. I always felt working from home is such a privilege. Such time of life will not come again. Enjoy it.

Tip 1: Make your home a positive place which makes you feel good and happy.

The first thing is we should keep our home as a happy and enjoyable place. For that, you need 3 things – Sight, sound, and smell.

Tip 2: Make your home visually appealing and a happy space by adding plants, nice paintings, decorations, flowers, etc.

Let’s decorate our house. Our home should be very pleasant to the eyes. I have these little corners in my home like for small plants. And then I have these corners with flowers. I created this cute little corner for my meditation. Another corner for me to read books and just enjoy.

Tip 3: Have a designated space for working which is not used for any other purposes.

When we work from home, it’s very very essential for you to have your own space. Create a work environment. That will really make a lot of difference.

Tip 4: Dress well like you are going to the office.

How do we go to the office? We wear an office shirt or you will wear your saree or whatever. You dress like how you are going to the office. Instead of thinking – We are working from home right, we can wear a t-shirt, shorts and work – dress like how you go to the office. With this, your whole body language will change. The energy about you will change. When we create a work environment energy, there will be a great difference in our productivity, the way we function, and all aspects.    

Tip 5: Play Om Chanting or some mantras or uplifting music at home in low volume.

Om is the voice of the Universe. If there are any negative energies in our home, Om will dissipate all the negative energies and it will fill our house with positive vibrations. And it has a very calming effect. Instead of Om, you can also play any relaxing and calming music. You can play any mantras like Gayatri mantra, anything which would really filly your house with positive vibrations. Play it in slow volume so that it won’t be overpowering your meetings and everything can happen properly.

Tip 6: Light Diya, burn incense sticks, and sambrani at home.

Next is scents. It’s a beautiful way of infusing positive energy in the house. In my childhood days, when its 6 in the evening, my grandmother used to diffuse sambrani throughout the home. Lighting Diya, incense sticks – all these things really enhance our home. We will attract all the angels. Our house will be filled with lots of positive vibrations.

Tip 7: Plan the flow of events for your entire day.

Now that you have created a beautiful home, the next thing is to plan the flow of events for the entire day. Wake up early in the morning and have a morning ritual. So, your morning ritual can be anything – whatever you do every day. Your meditation or exercise, gratitude journaling. Finish your morning ritual. Hit the kitchen. Finish your cooking. Prepare everything – whatever your household work is. Finish all that and sit on your desk by 9:30, 10 am because that’s the prime time you know. At least for me, it functions the best between 10 to 1.Plan all your meetings, any tasks that require a lot of mental energy wherein you need to tackle a task or something like that- plan it at this time.

Finish by 1. Take a nice lunch break. Sit with your family. Have a relaxed lunch. Take a good break – a nice lunch break. It can an hour and a half. No problem. Have a great lunch with them and then get back to work.

Finish your work as fast as you can and again get back to your family time in the evening. When we have a nice morning ritual and plan our day, we can work effectively and productively. The work we planned gets finished on time so that we can again spend some time with our family. And evening, have a nice dinner. Set your dinner table with nice candles. Create beauty. Enjoy yourself. That’s the whole point right.

Create your own beautiful mini heaven. Enjoy yourself. This time is very very precious. It’s such a privilege to work from home and spending time with family, at the same time being productive – these are really, really precious moments.

These are what I have been following. Please tell me your experiences. I would love to, love to share them with you.

Tips Recap

Tip 1: A positive workplace


  1. This makes work from home enjoyable
  2. It improves productivity

Tip 2: A visually appealing home


  1. What we see around us impacts our subconscious mind. So, if you have positivity all around you, it becomes easy to stay positive throughout the day.
  2. Helps in de-stressing

Tip 3: Designated workplace


  1. Improves concentration
  2. Increases productivity
  3. Helps to draw a line between work and personal life.

Tip 4: Wearing a formal office dress


  1. Enhances mood
  2. Increases productivity
  3. Keeps you energetic

Tip 5: Uplifting music at working place


  1. Dissipates negative energies of the home
  2. Increases positive energies around

Tip 6: Burning incense sticks


  1. These scents relax our mind
  2. They enhance our mood
  3. Quite helpful in de-stressing
  4. Stress in home is removed

Note: Use only natural incense sticks and sambrani

Tip 7: Events planning for your day

Wake up early
Morning ritual
Finish cooking
Sit for work by 9:30 AM or 10 AM and complete all challenging tasks before lunchtime.
Take a relaxed lunch break
Close the work on time
Have a nice dinner
Spend time with family members


  1. Planning improves productivity.
  2. It helps in work-life balance

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