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Use affirmations and achieve your goals

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Are you carrying negative thoughts about yourself? Do you keep on telling yourself that you are good for nothing? Then it’s time to understand the concept of affirmations and practice this concept in your daily life.  Affirmations are used to build good self-esteem, health, prosperity, achieve weight loss, success, and any other goals. I have been practicing affirmations in my life for years, and they are part of my daily life. Today, I will introduce you to affirmations and my own learnings on this topic. I will also share with you how to make affirmations work for you.

What are affirmations:

I was introduced to the concept of affirmations some 30 years back through Louise Hay’s book – You can heal your life. Affirmations are nothing but positive statements which we need to repeat every day. When we repeatedly say some statement (positive or negative), it becomes a reality. So, if you are telling yourself that you are good for nothing, it will become your reality over a period of time. Similarly, if you keep telling yourself that you are successful, your life will shape in such a way that you become successful. Affirmations are transformational.

My journey with affirmations:

I was amazed to learn that our reality changes when we tell ourselves positive statements. This concept fascinated me greatly, and I experimented with it to see if it really works or not. I created affirmations like – I am successful, I am enough for me, I am beautiful, and so on. I religiously chanted these affirmations every day and wrote them in my journal too. I pasted these affirmations in places that I often see. I surrounded myself with a lot of positive affirmations.

What happened?

They worked well in the initial stages and gave me good results, but as I continued my journey, I did not see any results coming from affirmations. I was frustrated as to why my affirmations stopped working. I had no clue. I wondered if affirmations really worked, or it is just a coincidence. Many self-help and spiritual books I read talked about affirmations and how they transform our lives. I did not want to give up on affirmations too quickly without trying my best. So, I stuck to affirmations and explored further.

3 factors to make your affirmations work:

In this journey of experimentation and study about affirmations, I discovered quite a few interesting things. I learned that mere repetition of affirmations, which is mechanical, will not bring substantial results. Many times, we think if we repeat the affirmation 100 times in a day, we get the result. I, too, thought the same and repeated affirmations many times in a day. But this is not how affirmations work. There are 3 factors that make your affirmations work. Below are those 3 factors.

  1. Use your senses while saying affirmations. This is a great secret about affirmations. For example, if your affirmation is – “I have a great body”, you should use your senses to visualize it. Your visualization can include the below components.

Sight – In your mind, see yourself with a great body.

Sound – In your mind, listen to the compliments from your family members about your great body.

Touch – Feel the success in your body.

In this way, when you use your senses to visualize your end result along with affirmation, your affirmation brings the results you want. Affirmations and your senses should go together.

  • Add prayer. Another great hack I learned about affirmations is affirmations work when we add prayer and take divine guidance. Many of us underestimate the power of prayer. When a prayer is used to ask for divine guidance and help, such prayer is always answered by the divine. So, add prayer to your affirmation. When we add prayer, we are guided in the right direction, and we meet the right people at the right time. Somehow, we will find a way through mysterious coincidences. That’s the power of prayer.
  • Add emotions to your affirmation. When you are saying an affirmation, feel it in your heart. For example, if you are affirming that you have a great body, feel the joy of already having it. Your emotions should match your affirmation. If you feel nothing while practicing affirmations, then you may not see significant result by practicing affirmations.

These are the 3 factors that make your affirmations work. Many famous personalities across the world used affirmations and visualizations to transform their life. These things do work. It’s not an impractical or unrealistic approach to goals. So, why do affirmations work? Is there any logic? Yes. There is.

Why do affirmations work?

Many things keep happening around us, and the brain cannot process everything. Our brain filters only that information that is important to us and gives it to us. In order to do this filtering job, the brain has an organ called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). When we say affirmations, our RAS understands that it is an important aspect of our life. So, it brings all the information related to it. That’s why when you strongly desire to buy a red car, you keep noticing many red cars around. So, when we keep repeating affirmations in the right way, our mind is focused on that area and spots the right opportunities. This is how affirmations work.

So, the usage of affirmations is a great way to achieve your goals.

Use your senses, add visualization, feel the emotion and take divine support through prayer. When you add these 4 components, your affirmations will start bringing you the desired result. Identify the important areas of your life which matter to you and create affirmations that resonate with you. Dedicate some time every day to practice affirmations with all the pointers I mentioned above. It will help you achieve your goals faster. It’s worth taking that time to practice affirmations and visualizations every day. Want to read more about affirmations? Check out this amazing book – You can heal your life.

Wish you good luck!

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