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Are you struggling to be perfect?

This is a conversation between Sushma and me on perfectionism. I:Sushma! Yes, of course! Sushma(S):So nice to meet you and interact with you personally. Thank you for this opportunity, first of all. And, I’ve been following your videospost lockdown for the past few months. I could relate to many of

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How to build self confidence

This is the conversation between Akhila and me on how to build self-confidence. I:Wish you a happy Sankranthi! Akhila(A):Thank you, ma’am.And wish you the same.Thank you so much! I:How are you? A:Fine, ma’am. To be honest,I didn’t expect you to call.I was so excited. I:Yeah? That’s so nice. A:And I

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Are you moving enough?

Here is the conversation between Sri Kanya and me on movement Me:Hi… S(Sri Kanya):Hi, ma’am. Me:Hi! How are you? S:I’m fine, ma’am. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity! Me:Thank you for coming on board and meeting with me.So nice! S:I’m so happy, ma’am. M:So nice! Same here.I’m

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How do you find your purpose?

Hi, Divya! Happy New Year! You know what, guys! Divya was supposed to join me today. But she couldn’t make it. So, she sent me her question. I’m going to read that to you. And, I’ll answer her question. We can discuss that. Okay. So… Hi, Manjula ma’am. Gives me

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Just Do It

So, what do you think of my dad’s habits? Great, right? All I have to do is follow them. Dad’s primary focus was never weight loss. He focused on health, on over-all wellbeing. And that helps you lose weight automatically. Whether you like it or not when we focus on

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My dad’s healthy lifestyle

So, how do I develop these great habits? My father. The best example was right in front of me. So, I decided that I’m going to spend an entire day with him. I want to see how his day is panned out. I’ve gone to shoots with him before. We’ve

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Merry Christmas

Hi! Merry Christmas! I just finished decorating my tree. This is my beautiful tree. Christmas is all about Santa. Fun… Joy… Gifts…Yes! Gifts! I love gifts! Do you wish to receive a lot of gifts? There is a secret to it. The secret of giving! It is in giving that

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Andhra Jyothi

Andhra Jyothi interview of Manjula

In this candid interview to Andhra Jyothi, Manjula talks about her journey of meditation and self development. She offers her view point on how important it is for women to take care of themselves. Read the full interview here. Related posts: Manjula on ‘Manasuku Nachindi’ Manjula on her work Manjula’s

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dream come true

Manjula’s dream come true

Right since her childhood, Manjula wanted to act in movies and she faced various obstacles to make this dream come true. After struggle of years, she acted in the movie ‘show’ and received national award for this movie. Related posts: Manjula on ‘Manasuku Nachindi’ Manjula on her work Andhra Jyothi

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Manjula on her work

Manjula enjoys her work and believes in Kahlil Gibran’s quote – “Work is love made visible”. She gives 100% to the task on her plate. Read her views on her work here Related posts: Manjula on ‘Manasuku Nachindi’ Manjula’s dream come true Andhra Jyothi interview of Manjula

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Manasuku Nachindi

Manjula on ‘Manasuku Nachindi’

Manjula has been passionate about films right since her childhood. She has grown up watching her father acting in movies and every aspect of movies fascinated her.She directed her first movie ‘Manasuku Nachindi’ in 2018. This movie stars Sundeep Kishan, Amyra Dastur. Read her thoughts on directing her first movie

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