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What do you choose

What do you choose today?

There are 8.7 million species on this planet. We, as human beings, are the only creatures that have the capacity to resonate with all the other creatures in nature. We have the capability to give out energy and receive energy. Love. Gratitude. Peace – These are all positive energies. Hatred.

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Get Organized and Declutter

I am utilizing my free time at home. I am decluttering my cupboard. My book shelf. Believe it or not, clutter is the reason for negative energies unhappiness and diseases. There is a connect between our physical clutter and thoughts and emotions.  If we clear our physical clutter, our emotions

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Importance of Water

Hi When we sleep during night time, our body releases almost 1 liter of water. Did you know that? That’s why we feel so dehydrated when we wake up in the morning. That is the reason it is really important to drink lots and lots of water first thing in

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How to practice self-love?

We all are good at loving. We love our parents, children, spouse, friends, pets, and so on. But one person we ignore the most is our own self. When it comes to our self, we become critical and judgemental. We see flaws in our body shape, skin tone, hairstyle, and

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7 Benefits of spending time in nature

Nature is the most beautiful aspect of this world. The trees, sky, mountains, dazzling colors, birds, animals, vegetables, fruits – nature is all around and never stops fascinating us. It is not only beautiful but it also nourishes and supports our journey in the world. We get recharged and rejuvenated

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work from home

Tips to effectively work from home

Due to coronavirus pandemic, work from home has become the norm of the day. Its easy to have distractions while we are working from home. So, how to make working from home effective and productive? Watch the below video to learn about the tips to effectively work from home. Video

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Andhra Jyothi

Andhra Jyothi interview of Manjula

In this candid interview to Andhra Jyothi, Manjula talks about her journey of meditation and self development. She offers her view point on how important it is for women to take care of themselves. Read the full interview here. Related posts: Manjula on ‘Manasuku Nachindi’ Manjula on her work Manjula’s

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dream come true

Manjula’s dream come true

Right since her childhood, Manjula wanted to act in movies and she faced various obstacles to make this dream come true. After struggle of years, she acted in the movie ‘show’ and received national award for this movie. Related posts: Manjula on ‘Manasuku Nachindi’ Manjula on her work Andhra Jyothi

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Manjula on her work

Manjula enjoys her work and believes in Kahlil Gibran’s quote – “Work is love made visible”. She gives 100% to the task on her plate. Read her views on her work here Related posts: Manjula on ‘Manasuku Nachindi’ Manjula’s dream come true Andhra Jyothi interview of Manjula

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Manasuku Nachindi

Manjula on ‘Manasuku Nachindi’

Manjula has been passionate about films right since her childhood. She has grown up watching her father acting in movies and every aspect of movies fascinated her.She directed her first movie ‘Manasuku Nachindi’ in 2018. This movie stars Sundeep Kishan, Amyra Dastur. Read her thoughts on directing her first movie

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