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Most people know Manjula as the daughter of yesteryear superstar Krishna, sister of superstar Mahesh Babu and producer of the blockbuster movie “Pokiri.” She is proud to be known for these aspects of her life, and there is much more to her.

Watching her dad put makeup on, the arc lights, camera and action, she just loved it. Movies greatly fascinated her right since her childhood. This love and fascination lead her to don the role of actor, producer, director, and be associated with movies. She won a national award for her debut movie ‘Show.’ She is the founder and CEO of Indira Productions. Indira Productions produced and co-produced several Telugu films like Pokiri, Ye Maya Chesave etc., and the movie field stays close to her heart. 

She is blessed with a great family – her husband and soulmate Sanjay and daughter Jaanvi. She says they are the reason behind her strength and joy. Giving time to her family is one of the most important things in her life.

Apart from her family and movies, she has a wide variety of interests. She is a nature lover and feels connected to mother nature. She believes strongly in living an eco-friendly life, and her choices revolve around organic produce, toxic-free cosmetics, and products for daily living. She has been meditating for 20 years and completed more than 10,000 hours of meditation. She works for her physical, emotional, and mental fitness every day and wellness is close to her heart.

This is about Manjula in brief. Like everyone else, she, too, learned many things in this journey of life and felt the urge to share these learnings with the world. This website is her personal space, where she keeps sharing her insights about life through her writings and videos.

Stay tuned 😊

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