12 Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Are you wondering how to accomplish more in less time? Then, this blog is for you. Whether we are a professional or a homemaker or a student, there is a lot to do in life, and sometimes, it can become overwhelming. Hence, increased productivity is the need of the hour. When we start becoming more productive, life becomes easier and less stressful. Like anything else in life, productivity is a skill that can be learned. In this blog, I will be sharing with you 12 tips that boost your productivity. These tips will make you super-productive and also ease your life. So, let’s get started.

Here are the 12 Tips.

12 Tips to Boost Your Productivity

1. Wake up before sunrise:

This is my favorite tip to boost productivity. I have seen my life transform by waking up before Sunrise. My productivity went to a new level by waking up before Sunrise. My yoga teacher says – “if you wake up before Sunrise, time will be in your hands. Else, you will be in the hands of time.” His words are very true. By rising before Sunrise, we can accomplish a lot in a day without hurry or stress.

2. Have a morning ritual:

A morning ritual is a set of practices intended to take care of your body, mind, and soul. You can be more productive in your life only when your system is well taken care of. So, start your day with a morning ritual that strengthens your body, mind, and soul. Exercise, meditation, gratitude, watching Sunrise, yoga are some tools you can add to your morning ritual. At least spend 15 mins on your morning ritual before you start your day.

3. Plan your day the previous night:

When we plan our entire day the previous night, it makes our day more organized, and we are better prepared. You can sort out your clothes, menu planning, and any other tasks of the next day. This planning reduces stress and makes your day easier. Spend few minutes every night in a relaxed state of mind and jot down your plan for the next day.

4. Reduce randomness:

The more random we are, the more stressful life becomes. So, as much as possible, reduce randomness by proper planning. If any unexpected task comes in a day and it is not urgent, instead of jumping on to it, schedule it for an appropriate time. Try to identify the randomness in your life and reduce it.

5. Sort your clothes on weekends:

Some of us spend a lot of time deciding what to wear and this can sap our energies and productivity. This also causes a waste of time. So, on weekends, think of the events of your next week and sort your clothes accordingly. This will be a great time-saver.

6. Reduce the number of everyday decisions:

According to scientific research, our decision-making capability in a day is limited. We can only make certain decisions in a day. If we are exhausting this capability for everyday decisions like what to eat, what to wear, what to cook, we will lack the energy to make big and important decisions. So, reduce these everyday decisions by automating these routine tasks.

7. Create a weekly meal plan along with your family members:

Stock up your groceries on the weekend. Sort out your clothes. These little things will free up your mind on weekdays and make you more productive. Create a routine for your life and stick to it. This will reduce everyday decisions.

8. Group similar tasks together:

When you have similar tasks to do in a day, group them all together. This saves your time and energy. You can apply this tip while planning your day. Identify similar tasks and group them.

9. Delegate tasks:

Sometimes, we become too busy in life by trying to do everything on our own. If your work is more hectic than you can manage and makes you feel stressed out, give a pause and identify the tasks which you can delegate to others. For such tasks, take the help of your family members or hire some help if needed.

10. Take a break:

Breaks are very important to boost productivity. Continuous working tires the body and mind and can make you unproductive. So, recharge yourself for 5 minutes after every 1 hour of work. In such breaks, walk around or do some stretches. These breaks boost your productivity and refuel you with the energy needed to do your tasks.

11. Have a dedicated time for social media:

Some of us mix work and social media. This is quite unproductive as social media is engrossing and can make us forget our important tasks. So, have dedicated time for social media. Plan a time for social media. By having such time, you can avoid mixing work and social media.

12. Have a weekly plan:

Create a weekly plan where you create a schedule for the entire week. Also, identify the important tasks you want to accomplish in a week. This weekly planning gives a direction to your week, makes you more organized, and helps you become more productive. While planning your week, don’t forget to keep some time for unexpected tasks. This will help you stay flexible and well prepared for the uncertainties.

So, these are the 12 tips for boosting your productivity.

In my life, I have observed that when I am more productive, I am able to accomplish a lot more without any stress. The key to superior productivity is planning. When you plan your day and week in advance, everything goes in an organized manner. So, plan well. Wake up before Sunrise, start your day with a morning ritual and get into your routine, which is neatly planned ahead. When you practice these steps, you will have increased productivity. You feel good and happy. And of course, don’t forget to take breaks and recharge yourself.

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Wish you super productivity!

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