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11 tips for a peaceful home

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Are you wondering how to bring the element of peace into your lovely home? Then, this blog is for you. Home is the place that relaxes and rejuvenates us. We spend a great majority of our time at home, and this is the place that gives wings to our dreams. When we keep our home peaceful, we start experiencing clarity in thinking, inner peace, and joy. A beautiful shift happens in our lives by taking care of our home. In this blog, I will be sharing with you 11 tips that help you bring peace into your home. When you practice these tips, your home will become lovely, peaceful, and relaxing. So, let’s get started.

  1. Add indoor plants: Plants not only add vibrant green color to your home, but they also bring in fresh prana or life force energy. This prana helps in reducing stress levels. Also, plants are pleasing to the eyes and heart. So, add indoor plants to your home wherever you can. You can create beautiful little corners with indoor plants. These corners will make your home look beautiful and peaceful.
  2. Diffuse essential oils: Essential oils are the oils that are extracted from trees. They are natural and carry healing properties. You can use a diffuser and diffuse these essential oils in your home. Lavender, lemongrass, orange are some good essential oils you can diffuse in your home. They bring cheerfulness, peace, and a nice fragrance to the home.
  3. Burn sambrani: We all saw our elders doing burning sambrani during dawn and dusk but somewhere, down the line, many of us stopped doing this. Burning sambrani regularly can clear negative thoughts and emotions from home like stress, anger, sadness, etc. It is also pleasing to the mind. Use pure sambrani for good results. I burn sambrani every day in my home, and I can say it makes an instant difference to the mood. In the place of sambrani, you can also burn good quality incense.
  4. Open windows and doors every day: When we open the doors and windows of our home, we let in fresh air and Sunlight. These can greatly improve our health and mood. Air and Sun also carry prana, and this prana brings in positivity. So, try to keep your home properly ventilated.
  5. Keep your home organized: An organized home saves your time, energy and brings in peace. It is pleasing to the eyes, heart, and mind. So, spend time keeping your entire home organized. Especially, places like wardrobes and kitchen racks need to be organized and well maintained. Have a weekly or monthly routine to keep your home organized.
  6. Take care of lighting and colors: Proper lighting and colors of the home can brighten up the mood and soothe our minds. So, take good care of these 2 aspects. Light up your home according to the time of the day. Use bright lights during the daytime and soothing lights during the nighttime.
  7. Play peaceful chants: Chants carry positive energy, and when we play them at home, home is filled with positivity. You can play any mantras or chants that you and your family members love. There are many devices that play the chants continuously. You can use one such device and keep the chanting sound in low volume.
  8. Meditate: When you meditate regularly in a place, the place is filled with peace and positivity. So, one of the best ways to keep your home peaceful is to meditate regularly. If possible, meditate at the same place every day. Over a period of time, this builds peaceful energies in the place.
  9. Declutter your home: Clutter makes home stressful and burdensome. So, declutter your home periodically. Unknowingly, we keep many things in the home which are not useful to us or don’t matter anymore. Let go of all such things. You can sell or donate these things. Free up the space and let your home have a breathing space. Regular Decluttering is important to keep the home peaceful. This is one of the reasons why festivals start with decluttering of the home. Declutter your home every 3 months and see the magic happen in your home.
  10. Light a diya: When you light a diya at least once a day, it removes negative energies from home and brings in a certain kind of peace. Use cold-pressed oil or cow ghee to light the diya. Please don’t use adulterated oils. I light diya twice a day, at dawn and dusk, in my home. It takes only a few minutes to do this, but it is quite peaceful and relaxing. You can also pray during this time.
  11. Mop your home with saltwater: Saltwater is very beneficial to remove negative energies like stress, sadness, etc., from home. Hence, it is a good idea to mop our home with salt water once a week. You can use any salt for this. You can also add a few drops of essential oils like lavender oil to bring in freshness and nice fragrance to the home.

These are the 11 tips to keep your home peaceful.

Decluttering regularly, keeping the home organized, burning incense and sambrani and lighting a diya, mopping with salt water, creating cute little corners with indoor plants – all these make a great difference to the look and feel of the home. I practice all these tips in my life, and I have seen a great difference in the energy levels of my home. You can also use any of the above tips and improve the vibes of your home.

Wish you the best!

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